Please join us in congratulating our recent graduates of the residential program! The young women who graduated in December have worked very hard, and we know that God has great things in store for them. Please note that minors and graduates not wishing to publish their stories are not shown.


“The miracle that happened that night changed something in me. I was still drinking, still lying, and still suicidal, but now I had this looming question that I couldn’t shake. Was God actually real? And if He was, why was He working SO hard to keep me on this earth.”


“While at Mercy, I found refuge, and I found peace. My relationship with the Lord became more intimate, and I began to learn more about Him the more time I spent with Him.”


“I first heard about Mercy Multiplied in 2018 after I attempted suicide. I had been doing all the things you’re supposed to do for your mental health: therapy, medications, and church groups. I couldn’t just survive anymore, and I had exhausted all my resources, so a year later, I applied to Mercy.”


“I grew up in church pretty much all of my life, but I pulled away from God and everyone around me. I became numb to my feelings and circumstances. I was sexually assaulted by a teenage boy who was a family friend. I told nobody and pushed it aside.”


“My Mercy journey was painful but sweet because God transferred all of my head knowledge to my heart. He has taken my shame and restored me to wholeness. I am forever grateful to my counselor, who God anointed to help me in my journey.”


“When I walked through the doors of Mercy Multiplied, I felt accepted, loved, and valuable. God started breaking the chains of the oppression that had held me in bondage for so long. I rededicated my life to Christ and brought all of my struggles and sin to God.”


“I’ve been a single mom to my 6 kids most of their lives and for the 7 of us, life prior to Mercy was defined by abuse, depression, fear, and poverty. I suffered physical and sexual abuse, rape, and homelessness.”


“I learned that forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling. In forgiving myself, I realized I blamed myself for things I had no control over. God told me that I needed to receive His forgiveness, not just believe it. Finally, that stronghold was broken.”