Apply to Mercy Multiplied so You Can Excel in College and Beyond

Do you have doubts and concerns about applying to Mercy Multiplied? Maybe you are hesitant to take time off from school or your personal responsibilities to come to Mercy. Maybe you feel pressured to complete your degree within a certain amount of time. Or perhaps you don’t think that your struggles are “bad enough” to try a residential program. Whatever your hesitation may be, know that life doesn’t have to be this daily struggle of just getting by. You deserve to live an abundant life full of joy and peace. Mercy is dedicated to helping young women overcome the life-controlling issues and situations they may be living with so they can experience all that God has planned for their lives. Taking some time to work on yourself could make a world of difference for your life and equip you to better succeed in college and beyond.

Many college students are struggling with untreated mental health issues. In fact, mental health concerns are prevalent on campuses everywhere.

According to the National Alliance on Mental health, 40% of students fail to seek mental health help, and 50% of students rated their mental health below average or poor.

Additionally, according to a report from college stats, 75% of students who suffer from depression do not seek help for their mental health problems.

Ultimately, our hope is to see young women seek help, so they can do more than merely survive in college but thrive in college and beyond. We know this is possible because we have witnessed countless young women put their education on hold to come to Mercy. We wanted to share some of their stories to not only encourage you, but to challenge you to take a hard look at how you are doing mentally and emotionally. Maybe Mercy is the break you need to help you get healthy and back on track. Here are a few graduates who have done just that.

2014 graduate, Jessica:

“I would have started college two months prior to when I went to Mercy. After Mercy, I felt like I had more direction and better knew what my passions were; I didn’t end up having to attend extra years at college trying to figure it out and switch between different majors.

At first, I felt that going to Mercy was setting me back in the timeline that I had for my life, as well as in comparison to my peers. I’m very goal-oriented, so it was hard for me to make that decision. However, my time at Mercy completely changed the direction of my life and what I wanted to do. I was given clarity and confidence through Mercy. Though school is important, what I learned and how I grew at Mercy was of so much more value and worth. I matured in so many ways, and it has made me successful in my career now.”

2014 graduate, Amanda:

“In the fall of 2013, I was a full-time student working on my bachelor’s degree, and during the spring of 2014, I was at my wit’s end. I was very depressed, stressed, and wanted to end my life. I could NOT handle the stress of school (along with the chaos of my life). I was so depressed I didn’t even care or want to finish school. After I applied to Mercy, I told my parents that I wanted to take a break from school. My dad said that I was a couple of classes away and that I could surely finish school. I told him that I didn’t care if I was going to complete it or not because I was near death. My parents were not okay with me missing school because they thought I wasn’t going to ever go back. Eventually, they came around, and I took an academic leave from school for two semesters (the maximum was three semesters). I went to Mercy, and during the end of my time there, I was determined to go back to school. I was ONE semester away from graduating with my bachelor’s degree, so school was the only thing on my mind. Most of it was pride because I wanted to show my parents that I was going to go back to school, but the truth was I was stressed, terrified, and had no peace about the situation. It wasn’t until many conversations with the staff, my counselor, and God that I decided to take another semester off of school to help get adjusted back to life. I was scared and ashamed to answer whenever I was asked. I couldn’t really explain to anyone why I wasn’t going back to school immediately after returning home, but I could not deny the peace that I had with that decision, despite the feelings that came from wanting to please people.

After taking the last semester off, I went back to complete my last few classes. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Human Development with an emphasis in early childhood education. I used the principles that I learned at Mercy to help me calm my test anxieties and stress. I had understood that God could handle all the things I could not, so it was a lot easier for me to surrender to the Lord’s calling. I knew that He had called me to finish school, and He wasn’t going to let me drown like I did before. Currently, I am at Pepperdine University working on my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, and never in a million years did I think I would be here. I thought I was for sure going to end my life before my BA degree was completed.”

2016 graduate, Jordan:

“I was a much better student who actually could pay attention in class and understand the material after attending Mercy. I also transferred to a better university and was able to participate in school clubs and NAIA athletics, which would not have been physically possible if I did not invest in my eating disorder recovery. Whatever plans you put on hold, God will restore what you lost and even multiply it. It may not look exactly like you are expecting at first, but He knows what He is doing.”

2017 graduate, Kailey:

“I don’t think I would have lived through college if I hadn’t taken the time to go to Mercy. I will say that it was a struggle to get back in the school routine, but it’s like any routine change— it’s an adjustment. I felt reinvigorated after Mercy, and my college goals felt within reach. I do feel ‘old’ sometimes to be still not done with college, but that is an easier mindset to overcome. You have to choose your “hard.” I feel like I made the right choice!”

With so much uncertainty in the world, no one is sure what these next few months will look like. However, you can make a choice to take time for your spiritual healing right now to be ready for whatever the future holds! Consider taking a gap year or a semester off and apply to Mercy to find the healing you need to succeed in college and beyond. Call us at 615-831-6987 or click here to learn more about our free-of-charge residential counseling program!