Please join us in congratulating our recent graduates of the residential program! The young women who graduated in September have worked very hard, and we know that God has great things in store for them. Please note that minors and graduates not wishing to publish their stories are not shown.

September 2019 Mercy graduate Allie


“A turning point for me at Mercy was when God showed me that I was enough for Him. He told me that He would never abandon me, and all I had to do was abide in Him to feel loved. While at Mercy, God has completely transformed my life and the way I view myself. He has shown me the value of being authentic with Him and other people. He has given me a desire to live again, and I want to use the life He’s given me to rest in Him and glorify Him.”

September 2019 Mercy graduate Annamaria


“Before Mercy I had no sense of identity, little self-worth, struggled in secret, and was often on a roller coaster of doing what I thought was well and then plummeting. While at Mercy, God showed me that He has been with me through all the bad but that He did not cause it. He showed me how much He loves me and how powerfully He works in my life. He has absolutely proven to me that He is so faithful.”

September 2019 Mercy graduate Danielle


“God has shown me what true love looks like, and that I am worthy of restoration and blessing in His eyes. He has taught me that He desires to give grace and forgiveness, not harsh punishment, and when I do face consequences for my actions, He is always by my side to help me walk through them. God has healed me of so many wounds, and He gave me purpose and hope for my future. He has shown me that it’s okay to be different and unique, because He made me like that for a reason!”

September 2019 Mercy graduate Heather


“A major turning point for me at Mercy was when God showed me that nothing I walked through in my past ever separated me from His love. The most important thing I learned at Mercy was how to discern God’s voice. He walked me through the process of forgiving myself. He showed me that not only am I forgiven by Him but I’ve been chosen by Him. I get to receive His peace and His joy; I get to walk with the authority of His name.”

September 2019 Mercy graduate Kayla


“A turning point for me at Mercy was when God showed up supernaturally in my life. I was angry and realized how much pain I was truly in and I felt completely alone. I was yelling at God asking Him where He was, and if He loved me, then why was He always leaving me alone. A staff member gave me a hug and later told me that God had told her that I needed a hug right then. In that moment God fully revealed to me that He was real, He did see me, and He did care about me. He also began to rebuild my identity at Mercy and showed me what my true worth was: His priceless masterpiece that was worth His ultimate price.”