Please join us in congratulating our recent graduates of the residential program! The young women who graduated in November have worked very hard, and we know that God has great things in store for them. Please note that minors and graduates not wishing to publish their stories are not shown.


“My life before Mercy was very out of control. I was depressed and suicidal. I was very mentally unstable and was drinking every single day. I was restricting my food for the day and then bingeing. I started self-harming and having panic attacks. During my time at Mercy, God has healed my heart and mind. I learned who I truly am!”


“During my time at Mercy, God healed me from bipolar disorder, and He helped me to tear down the lies that I had believed. I learned about the true character of God and chose to believe that He doesn’t orchestrate the bad things in life that happen to us, but He uses them to glorify Him. After graduating from Mercy, I plan on working for Teen Challenge as an intern and sharing about what God has done for me through Mercy. I am so excited!”

2019 Mercy Multiplied Graduate Cheryl


“I first heard about Mercy through Francesca Battistelli’s music video. Three years after learning about Mercy, I remembered hearing about it and went on the website to check it out. I decided to apply as a last-ditch effort to get my life back on track. I had exhausted all other efforts. When I arrived at Mercy, I had very little hope. I was underweight due to my severe addiction, and I didn’t know God. I was afraid and had little idea of what to expect. After about a week of being here, God spoke to me and confirmed this is where I needed to be.”