Nancy Alcorn Releases Inspiring New Book

Nancy Alcorn new book, Treatment or Transformation: 13  REAL STORIES Why You Can’t Argue With a Changed Life

Nancy Alcorn Releases Inspiring New Book

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of Mercy Multiplied, founder and president Nancy Alcorn wrote a book celebrating 35 years of transforming lives through the power of Christ. In her new book, Treatment or Transformation: 13 REAL STORIES Why You Can’t Argue With a Changed Life, Nancy shares 13 powerful stories where God intervened and radically transformed lives. The 13 brave young women in this book represent the thousands who have received the same transformation since Mercy Multiplied opened its first residential program in 1983.

Nancy included a special author’s note explaining the inspiration behind the new book:

In early 2017, I began hearing about a new Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why, and a friend of mine, who is familiar with the issues we deal with at Mercy, encouraged me to watch the first season. I was deeply impacted by this series, as I quickly realized how many young women who walk through the doors of our residential homes have similar struggles as the girl featured in the series. I was inspired to share 13 stories of young women who experienced a very different outcome than the girl featured in 13 Reasons Why because they chose to reach out for help.

Treatment or Transformation: 13 Real Stories Why You Can’t Argue With a Changed Life

If you have not heard of this series, it’s about a teenager who commits suicide and leaves behind 13 reasons why she chose to take her own life. There are so many people in this world who have lost hope—people who believe there is no reason for them to go on living and they are ready to give up. Life is hard, and people are faced with choices every day and unfortunately too many of them make the choice to end their lives. There is a better way. There is hope in Jesus Christ.

The stories of these 13 women exemplify the healing and transformative power of Christ. If people choose to let Jesus into their mess, rather than shut Him out, He will show them there’s a better way. John 10:10 (CSB) states, A thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance. Jesus died for you so you can have an abundant life. His plan is a good one, and because these women chose to let Him into their mess—rather than push Him away and allow the lies of the devil to consume their thoughts—they each have a new life.

These stories of triumph will inspire you to not give up and allow the enemy to win. They will encourage you to stay the course and press into Jesus when times get hard. They will remind you that true transformation only comes from the true healer, Jesus Christ.

Treatment or Transformation: 13 REAL STORIES Why You Can’t Argue With a Changed Life is available now.

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