Mercy Multiplied Celebrates May 2019 Graduates

2019 Mercy graduate Katie

We are so proud of our recent graduates! We saw many young women graduate from the residential program at Mercy Multiplied. These young ladies have worked so hard, and we are excited to see all that God is going to do in their lives. Please note that minors and graduates not wishing to publish their stories are not shown.

2019 Mercy graduate Tatiana


“When I came to Mercy, I soon realized that I am worth something and that forgiving people lets me live in freedom. I also learned that setting boundaries is okay, even if that means setting boundaries with myself. God has reawakened my dreams to love and care for people well and share His love to others. I learned that my voice counts, and the Lord’s truth is so powerful!”

2019 Mercy graduate Lora


“At Mercy, the Lord showed me that He is a light in the darkness. I’m not a mistake, and I am loved. I am wanted, and I am forgiven. I am chosen and most importantly, I am a daughter of the most high King! Fighting for my freedom was difficult at times, but the Holy Spirit gave me grace to stick with the program.”

2019 Mercy graduate Angela


“I have been set free from my addictions, and I now have the tools to continue in that freedom! God has given me back my joy and passion for worship and ministry. I know where my identity is found.”

2019 Mercy graduate Holly


“The Lord began to reawaken my dreams and helped me realize all my pain was growing and shaping me into the stable young woman I am today. He healed me not only emotionally but physically as well. He delivered me from addiction, rage, anxiety, and depression. He showed me the many ways He loves me and the depth of His love. He introduced me to a new me I never knew could exist!”

2019 Mercy graduate Katie


“God has revealed to me my true identity: pure, accepted, and chosen daughter. I don’t have to earn my way to being good enough for God. Jesus reconciled me to God, and God delights in me as His daughter.”

2019 Mercy graduate Victoria


“While at Mercy, I learned a lot about God’s character and my identity in Christ. When I added that knowledge to my faith, I was able to step into a genuine relationship with God. He was no longer just a part of my life, but he became the source of my life.”

2019 Mercy graduate Amie


“When I arrived at Mercy, God completely took my heart of stone and turned it into a heart of flesh. He has brought me out from my brokenness and negativity and has healed me and made me pure again. I now confidently have faith in Him and His work.”

2019 Mercy graduate Erin


“After spending time at Mercy, I soon learned that I was not owned and that the Lord knew who I really was. He slowly revealed His truth to me, broke down my walls, removed my shame, and gave me a place of safety to get out of the darkness and secrecy I was living in. He saved me from my past and promised to restore to me all that has been lost.”

2019 Mercy graduate Becca


“While I was at Mercy, God literally restored my life and my dreams! He healed parts of my life that I never thought could be healed. I have learned my value and now know that I am enough because God chose me, and He would choose me again and again—just because He loves me.”

2019 Mercy graduate Christine


“I was full of fear when I arrived but seeing the other staff and residents there made me hopeful. Since being at Mercy, God has turned my life completely around and has showed me that He is a God of hope and that nothing is impossible with Him and through Him. My time at Mercy was full of forgiveness, healing, and feeling loved by God and by the staff.”

2019 Mercy graduate Hannah


“As I continued to spend time at Mercy, I began to learn that God is my father and that He is capable of taking away my pain. He is a true father who loves me, adores me, values me and would never harm me or let me down.”

Michelle - 2019 Graduate Success Story


“I started being open and surrendering myself to the Lord. I let go and let the Lord lead. Today, I can say I have grown so much into the person God has called me to be. I have found out who I am in Christ, the calling God has upon my life, and the purpose God created in me.”

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