“Me in Mercy” Spotlight: Stephanie Cobb

Mercy donor Stephanie Cobb

“Me in Mercy” Spotlight: Stephanie Cobb

February 13, 2018

Long-time Mercy supporter Stephanie Cobb (center) recently toured Mercy’s corporate headquarters with her friends, Christina McMillan (left) and Angela Hunt (right).

Long-time Mercy supporter Stephanie Cobb (center) recently toured Mercy’s corporate headquarters with her friends, Christina McMillan (left) and Angela Hunt (right).

Generous donors like Stephanie Cobb are the reason young women are able to come to Mercy Multiplied free of charge.

Stephanie recently toured Mercy’s corporate office and Nashville home and shared with us her unique connection to Mercy. She is a registered nurse from North Carolina who first became a part of the Mercy family as a donor in 1997. For 21 years, Stephanie has faithfully given so that hurting young women can find freedom from life-controlling issues like eating disorders, self-harm, addictions, unplanned pregnancy, and sexual abuse.

Through this Q&A, Mercy gratefully shines the spotlight on Stephanie and her huge heart to give. We hope her “Me in Mercy” story inspires you to also become the “Me in Mercy” and get involved in Mercy’s mission to see lives transformed by the love, forgiveness, and power of Jesus Christ.

Q: How did you first come to know about Mercy? Why did you first give and why do you continue to give?

A: I first heard about Mercy through the testimony of a Mercy grad at a Point of Grace concert in the mid-1990s. I was inspired to give by the work Mercy did with unwed mothers (I’ve always had a heart for kids) and frankly by the support and recommendation of the women of Point of Grace, of whom I was a huge fan. I continue to give because, quite simply, Mercy transforms lives. The staff at Mercy have developed a program to translate the healing power of Jesus Christ into practical recovery, and generations of people benefit from that every day. It’s something I’m incredibly proud and blessed to be part of.

Q: Why does Mercy matter to you?

A: Mercy matters to me because people matter to me; because each and every one of these girls and women matter to Jesus. Giving to Mercy is a way to extend the healing I do professionally to a permanent, spiritual healing that regenerates itself and multiplies to not only these women, but their families, their future children, and everyone they come into contact with as they discover and walk in the purpose God has for their lives.

Mercy donor Stephanie Cobb with Rachel Bedenbaugh, Mercy’s Executive Director of Development.

“It is an honor and privilege to get to meet with our donors. They are investing their resources that God has provided—whether through energy, prayers, or money—and entrusting them into the work God is doing at Mercy to help hurting young women,” said Rachel Bedenbaugh, Mercy’s Executive Director of Development.

Q: How has giving to Mercy changed you?

A: Giving to Mercy has stretched my faith as I have seen that no problem, no hurt, no bondage is too big for Jesus. Nothing exceeds His ability. He is faithful and willing to heal. I am constantly reminded how blessed I am to have met Him when I was still a child, to have had His guiding hand and protection over my life through no attribute of my own. Every Christmas I am amazed at the power of a simple gift or a small note of encouragement as God uses donors like me to break through the pain and darkness that has surrounded the girls by giving them a tangible expression of His love. It definitely inspires me to practice kindness, because you never know how a small contribution on your part can be multiplied in the hands of Jesus.

Q: What inspires you most about Mercy? Why?

A: There are so many inspiring things about Mercy–the testimonies of each and every graduate; Nancy’s vision and faith to run and expand the ministry debt-free; the constant good news of lives changed even beyond the women themselves; graduates doing ministry… with so much of our world consumed with the negative and destructive, to see the healing and restoration Jesus can bring is the very definition of inspiring. I recently had the opportunity to tour the Nashville home and offices and was impressed by the commitment to excellence even in the details. The environment is gorgeous, with bright colors and artwork (some done by past residents), right down to colored computer cables in the classroom! God always gives us His best, and it is inspiring to see His creativity reflected by His people in such practical, meaningful ways.

Q: How do you describe Mercy to others?

A: I describe Mercy to others as a financially responsible, female-focused ministry that changes lives. Because Mercy is involved in so many different aspects of bondage, there are a variety of ways to pique someone’s interest based on the potential donor’s focus. You’re interested in helping teens? Awesome, Mercy does that. Want to strengthen families? Perfect, Mercy ministers to unwed mothers and provides adoption services. Concerned about the latest hot-button topic, sex trafficking? Mercy is involved in that as well. At first it seems a narrow focus, helping girls and women deal with life-changing issues and trauma, but in reality there are so many different “specialties” that the team at Mercy treats, and the good news is, Jesus is the answer for Every. Single. One.

Q: What would you say to others who might be considering supporting Mercy?

A: If you’re thinking about supporting this amazing ministry, I just have one thing to say: Do it! You won’t be sorry, and you’ll be surprised at how richly blessed you feel in return as you learn about the incredible work God is doing through these dedicated servants all the time.

If Stephanie’s “Me in Mercy” story has inspired you to give, please check out the many ways to become a Mercy partner. Plus, visit our Tour A Home page to schedule a free tour of one of Mercy’s four U.S. homes located in Nashville, TN; St. Louis, MO; Monroe, LA; and Sacramento, CA.

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