Mercy Welcomes International Executive Leaders

Mercy Welcomes International Executive Leaders

January 24, 2017

Mercy Multiplied St. Louis and Nashville homes had a special visit last week from Mercy United Kingdom Chief Executive, Arianna Walker. During the homes’ morning sessions, Arianna spoke a message titled, “Going Through To Get To,” describing our tendency to want the destination but not the journey. As a part of her message, Arianna encouraged staff and residents with a brief telling of her personal journey that led her to assist in founding the Mercy UK home.

Mercy UK Chief Executive, Arianna Walker, spent two days in the Mercy Multiplied homes speaking on the importance of process.

Arianna first became aware of Mercy when trying to help her younger sister Debbie who was battling with drug addiction and suicidal tendencies. Arianna encouraged Debbie to apply to Mercy after hearing Mercy Founder and President, Nancy Alcorn, speak. Arianna shared how her sister attended the Nashville Mercy home, where Debbie encountered the Lord and was able to address the roots of the issues she was struggling with. Debbie graduated from the Mercy program, and now serves as the Executive Director of Services at the Mercy UK home. Arianna told the St. Louis and Nashville residents that they were a part of something bigger and on a journey with their Mercy sisters “across the pond.” Arianna went on to share that Mercy was not just a charity or a good idea that she decided to get involved with. “It saved my sister’s life,” she said.

Speaking from 2 Kings 5, Arianna went on to discuss how God uses process in our life to bring transformation and breakthrough. She also encouraged the residents to not disqualify themselves from being used by God right where they are. She then addressed three “P’s” in Naaman’s miracle healing of leprosy. She encouraged staff and residents alike to: 1) Put Pride Aside; 2) Be Persistent in Obedience; and 3) Start a Personal Relationship with God. In the context of the residents’ Mercy journeys, Arianna spoke to the importance of persistence in walking in faith and obedience and celebrating small steps. “It is scientifically impossible for you to take a step and not get closer to your destination,” she stated. She finished her message to the residents by stating that we are called as believers to help others after we find freedom and breakthrough. “You go through, then you help through.”

Mercy International Executive Team:
(L-R) Mercy Canada Executive Director, Nicola Bartel; Mercy Multiplied Executive Director, Christy Singleton; and Mercy UK Chief Executive, Arianna Walker

The Mercy residents in both homes were deeply impacted by Arianna’s teaching. In Nashville, Arianna was joined by Mercy Canada Executive Director, Nicola Bartel, for a time of Q & A, in which Nicola also shared her personal journey to Mercy. We were so honored to host these beautiful and wise women!

Here is what a few of the residents had to say about their time with Arianna:

I love that she talked about how we often want to be a passive recipient of God’s power, but He invites us to be part of the process and breakthrough. I was definitely that person before coming to Mercy. It wasn’t until I started doing my part and fighting for my own freedom that I started seeing the breakthrough and freedom. This message was an encouragement and confirmation to keep doing what I’m doing and to now help others through their process.”

Hearing Arianna speak was so powerful, and she really confirmed so many things I have been thinking about and dealing with. It was encouraging to hear that each step we take is moving us closer to where we want to be so we can’t give up. God likes process, and there is no way to avoid it, so we need to keep going and celebrate along the way.”

I really liked what she said about embracing the process. I tend to want to get everything done right now. I hate waiting, and I wish I could just fix the problem, but in reality, I need to accept the fact that this is not a quick fix.” 

“Celebrate all of the small steps. Even if other people don’t see it, and they are discouraging you, believe in what God tells you. God will make a way for you. Let others help you, then turn around and help somebody else.”

 Inviting guest speakers into our Mercy Multiplied homes is a routine and integral part of the Mercy program. Learn more about our residential program and how Mercy has been transforming lives and restoring hope for over 34 years.

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