Joyce Meyer Conference Inspires Residents to Love Life

Mercy Multiplied

Joyce Meyer Conference Inspires Mercy Residents to Love Life

September 27, 2017

Mercy Multiplied

Mercy residents at the Love Life Conference

Last week, Mercy Multiplied residents attended “Love Life,” the 35th annual Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference held in St. Louis, Missouri. The St. Louis and Monroe residents had the opportunity to join over 24,000 other women at the conference to encourage one another as they grow in their Christian faith.

The three-day event included guest speakers: Joyce and Dave Meyer, Joel Osteen, John Gray, and Ruth Graham. Worship was led by Chris Tomlin, Michael W. Smith, and CeCe Winans.

Thursday night kicked off with worship led by Chris Tomlin, Grammy Award winning Christian artist, followed by a message from Joyce Meyer. Joyce presented, “One Small Adjustment That Brings a Big Change in Your Life,” encouraging the audience to turn their thought life inside out and adjust to a positive attitude.

On Friday morning, Dave Meyer spoke on “Change for America.” He discussed the importance of praying for our country and evoking change.

Mercy Multiplied

Mercy residents inspired by Joyce Meyer’s message

Later that morning, Joel Osteen posed the question: What is frustrating you and what should you tell yourself to sleep on? Joel told the audience there are situations to sleep on because they do not need to add confusion to life.

John Gray rounded out Friday morning with his message, “Jacob’s Wait for Rachel.” He shared the story of Jacob working for seven years to marry Rachel, but was given Leah instead. John shared that there are times that what we pick for ourselves is not what God has planned. Michael W. Smith led worship on Friday.

Friday night, Joyce shared a message “Arise, Shine for Light Has Come.” She encouraged the audience to not quit when frustration and exhaustion hit.

Saturday morning, CeCe Winans led worship followed by a message from Ruth Graham, the daughter of Christian evangelist, Billy Graham. Ruth shared a message, “The Prodigal Daughter,” along with her personal testimony of broken marriages. Her message illustrated how much God loves and welcomes broken lives.

Joyce closed out Saturday with a message on the importance of loving and accepting ourselves in order to love others.

Mercy Multiplied

Mercy residents in the audience

The 2017 Love Life Conference will be the last conference held in St. Louis. Joyce Meyer Ministries will be moving the conference to the east and west coasts in future years. Next year, the conference will be held in Tampa, Florida.

Here’s what some residents said about the experience:

I love that it was about celebrating who I am in Christ, and it was not just about the bad things about me. It was really awesome! I really appreciated Joel Osteen’s message because it was very applicable to my life. Joyce Meyer gave us royal treatment which made me feel that I was special and significant. I appreciate all that she does for us at the St. Louis Mercy home. –Mercy resident

I really loved Ruth Graham. She ministered about the Prodigal Son, and it made me realize that I don’t need to be accepted anywhere else other than God’s family. The worship was excellent, and I really appreciated Joyce showing us excellence throughout the conference. –Mercy resident

I really liked how Joyce Meyer was talking about celebrating even the little things. She said that if we don’t celebrate our little successes, then how will we celebrate our big breakthroughs? I loved the analogy that she used about turning the house lights on and feeding our spirit – if we don’t feed the spirit, then our lights will be dim and we’ll get confused by whether the spirit or the flesh is directing us. –Mercy resident

My favorite speaker was definitely Joyce Meyer. When she was praying, God showed me the verse that says, “Come all who are weary and I will give you rest.” It reminded me to not give up even when things get hard. I also loved that she said to celebrate even the small things because it makes the devil mad. I have started to implement those little celebrations in my life. –Mercy resident

Mercy Multiplied is thankful for the partnership of Dave and Joyce Meyer. For more information on the Love Life Women’s Conference, please click here.

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