2006 Mercy Graduate Encourages Nashville Residents

2006 Mercy Graduate Encourages Nashville Residents

October 5, 2016

Last Monday, almost ten years after graduating from Mercy Multiplied’s St. Louis residential home, Kim shared her transformational testimony with the Mercy residents of Nashville. Kim stated “What God has done in my life, I believe He wants to multiply through me to bring healing to others.”

Kim shared about the abuse she had experienced as a child and how keeping it a secret led to depression, self- harm, an eating disorder and suicidal thoughts. Kim’s story resonated with many of the Mercy residents as she shared how she maintained the “perfect” image of a good student, striving athlete and Christian leader, while being trapped in cycle of life-controlling issues. In her third semester of college, Kim’s destructive behaviors led her to seek help after she attempted suicide.

Kim, 2006 Mercy Graduate

Kim, 2006 Mercy Graduate

For Kim, entering the Mercy program, she shared, was a last resort before attempting suicide again. Upon entering, Kim stated, “I truly encountered the deep love of God in a tangible way like I’d never experienced before. It blew me away.” Through the Mercy staff and teachings, Kim began to learn that she was loved and her life was worth living. She encouraged the residents to take steps of faith during their Mercy stay and to dare to trust, as that is the key to finding freedom and gaining the tools they need to succeed. A beautiful end to Kim’s journey is that her Mercy graduation was two days after her 21st birthday, an age she never intended to reach.

“I never thought I would make it to my 21st birthday. Every birthday since has been a gift and a testament to the life I did not plan on living.”

Since graduating Kim has committed her life to bringing hope and transformation to others while further leaning on the tools she learned at Mercy to discover deeper and fuller healing for herself. She has served in Guatemala, worked as a Spanish teacher for an under-served population, and entered seasons of full-time occupational ministry. Most recently she has begun to develop a ministry that will help to teach, train, and equip individuals and communities to walk in healing and freedom from various forms of exploitation, bondage, and addiction.

Kim ended the morning class session by sharing a powerful message of encouragement. Reminding the residents that they are seen and not forgotten, she reiterated God’s love for them. From her personal experience, she challenged them to fully engage in the various portions of the Mercy program and to take the tools they were learning with them when they graduate. She expressed the importance of engaging in consistent Bible reading and shared life application of the knowledge of the Word of God.

img_1291The Mercy residents were encouraged by Kim’s teaching. Below are a few of their comments:

“I thought this was really timely since I am graduating soon. It really encouraged me and offered some good information.” – Jordan

“Hearing a testimony from a graduate really encouraged me to press on. I liked when she said, “You are seen and you are not forgotten,” because it shows that God sees me and hasn’t forgotten me. I always thought and still do, at times, that no one sees me and that God has forgotten me.” – Jeana

“I really needed to hear this today. For so long, I have been desperate, but never wanted to receive help from anyone. It is almost refreshing to hear her story and how she overcame things with God.” – Kailey

“I liked how she emphasized on once you graduate Mercy, your story of healing and transformation doesn’t end.” – Maddie

Mercy celebrates all that God has done and will continue to do in and through Kim’s life! Read more of her story!

For more stories of transformation, visit our Success Stories web page.

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