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Video Testimonies

You can’t argue with a changed life! Watch these stories of HOPE and TRANSFORMATION from young women who graduated from our free-of-charge residential counseling program.


Pamela grew up in a Christian home, but after family trauma when she was a teenager, she wanted nothing to do with God. Soon [...]


At five years old, Shelly-Anne began experiencing sexual abuse. When she spoke up about what happened to her, no one believed her, and she [...]


At a young age, Ashley’s parents got a divorce, and she began to blame herself for the behavior of her parents. After moving in [...]


At a very young age, Porsha experienced neglect, sexual abuse, and verbal abuse. As a result of the abuse, she began to self-harm, and at [...]


In the seventh grade, Kittie began to run with the wrong crowd. Her father moved them to a different town, but because of his depression, [...]


In junior high school, Heather was stalked by an online predator and when she was 14, he proposed meeting her somewhere, but she declined. Later [...]


 Adoption is a journey that impacts multiple people who are coming together for the love of a child. Before coming to Mercy, Christina struggled [...]


After leaving rehab, Emily decided to live with some friends and began struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. She found herself in an emotionally and [...]