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Video Testimonies

You can’t argue with a changed life! Watch these stories of hope and transformation from the men and women we have served through our Residential and Outpatient Counseling Programs as well as our Outreach Services.


Before he was even a year old, Wilson’s parents were divorced. Throughout his childhood, Wilson was a rule follower and overachiever. However, his need [...]


At a very young age, Monica’s father was murdered, which caused her to develop immense fear. Throughout college, she began to party and started [...]


Julia’s childhood was chaotic. Her father was not in the picture, so she was raised by her mother. Julia experienced verbal, sexual, and physical [...]


Due to an unstable home life, Quisha felt isolated at a young age and quickly learned to suppress her voice. After being molested as [...]


Sophonie viewed the world as cruel and broken. She grew up in a dysfunctional family and learned how to keep quiet about the things [...]

Wilson and Tallie

Wilson and Tallie began to feel overwhelmed in their marriage and soon realized that they were both dealing with unresolved chaos and dysfunction from [...]


Susan grew up in a home filled with fear and physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. At the age of 14, after her oldest brother [...]


Prior to Steven's participation in Keys to Freedom, his wife walked through the same study with her counselor. As Steven desired to understand his [...]