When the opportunity to do this study came up I didn’t think I needed it. I thought that I had already done a lot of the work with the Lord that the book covers, so why would I need this study? In the study I found out there was still a lot more that was left to do. What I love about the study is that no matter where you are in your walk with God, how deep your wounds are, this study meets you right where you are. It is good for literally everyone. This time I have already done the study, so I’m leading it, and I am looking forward to seeing what freedom God has waiting for me through this session!

The greatest thing our group has found through this study is the relationships we’ve built and the ability to be honest, real, transparent, and have brothers in the faith that will pray for you and believe in you. It’s been more relationally driven than anything; however, it’s also given each man powerful tools through prayer and engaging God in their process of freedom. They’ve learned how to identify lies by the voice of God and also how to break them and replace them with truths from God’s Word. It’s truly been a deepening study. It’s been great!

This study enabled me to see the truth about what lies I’ve believed along the way and what the truth says, to see that no matter what is going on in my life, the Lord loves me, accepts me and says wonderful things to me and about me. As I’ve addressed the lies, and focused on the truth, the anger, people pleasing, control, and fear have lost the control over me they once had. This study gave my identity in Christ back to me, to walk every day knowing who I am and Whose I am. I haven’t felt free like this … maybe ever. I recommend this study to EVERYONE!

I walked into this room completely broken. I had no idea how I was going to pick up the pieces and rise again. Through this [Keys to Freedom] class I was able to address root issues, which in turn changed my beliefs and ultimately changed my behaviors. This class has taught me life skills I will keep forever. My walk with Christ is stronger than it ever has been. I did not enroll in this class by chance. It was God’s master work! I am walking out of this class restored, renewed and transformed.

Many of our girls had significant breakthroughs because they learned how to practically renew their minds with the Word of God.

I have worked in a pregnancy center for 15 years and have 30+ volunteers. All of the volunteers are going through the study and the work that God is doing has been amazing. We are all healing and ditching our baggage together. It has brought us closer together as a team, and I believe we will be more effective in helping the young women who come to our center!

I finished this study in two weeks and ordered 5 more books for my friends. Now I am reading it again and making note cards of what stood out to me. It has opened my eyes to the truth God loves me and that I can be free from my past! I thought that I would be defined by my past and be labeled my whole life, but after I read this book, I had the revelation that I can and will be free through Jesus’ saving power! Now I wake up knowing I am free of the baggage in my past and have a hunger to have a deeper relationship with God each day!
Christina, LMSW

This is excellent stuff! I’ve worked with hurting girls and women for nearly fifteen years and I’ve never seen such a guide as this. In my own way I tried to minister in my professional work. However, this counseling model beautifully illustrates how off the ‘world’ is.

There was a concern that this study was only for people with serious issues but we soon realized we all have some baggage that could be blocking our communion with God. The [group members] all love the writing style—very matter-of-fact but powerful.

One of the ladies in the detention center where I’m leading the study actually prayed that she would not be released from the center until she completed the study. God honored her wise prayer and she was released about a week after completing the study! We believe she is going to make it!

Two girls stated to me that they felt they had been released from something they did not even realize had been holding them back. The Lord identified some areas of forgiveness they were not even aware of.

[One of the girls in our group is a former resident of Mercy but had to leave the program to have her baby.] She said that tonight was AWESOME! She said she felt like she was back at Mercy! She was so excited and happy. I’ve been praying and believing for a breakthrough for her and she is getting it now.

Most of the girls felt so ‘isolated’ with their baggage and when they all opened up, there was such a release in their soul and spirit that it was physically evident in their faces. There was a lot of forgiving towards God, themselves, and even those that caused the hurt. There was a lot of relief, especially with the [concept of] “God is good and He does only good”. Some of the girls’ view of God was very distorted, but after group, you could see a change.

I am watching walls break down before my eyes. Remembering mannerisms and body language when we first started [the study] until now has been a breakthrough. The responses to their past have improved. The way they speak has changed. They are filling up their toolboxes. In the natural, things are happening – job promotions, apartments, better relationships. One young lady shared information about her mom and the pain and anger that she felt – and now they are ministering to women in prison together!

The woman that I am meeting with is just so open and honest and introspective. She is truly ‘asking, seeking and knocking’ for God to fill up her life. She related that even since our first session that she is beginning to feel that she is more confident and worthwhile. She is living in a ‘halfway’ house of sorts with six other women and she relates that one of the women is a ‘bully’ and tries to control the others through bullying behavior. This week, she said that she found her voice and calmly let her know that she was not going to tolerate this any longer and called in the home governing board to come in and help mediate the situation. She said that before beginning this study, she never would have done this. Just because she is beginning to see herself as a worthwhile person and not a victim.

I want to say thank you to Nancy for sharing her process and experience from her years. I was looking at developing my own process to go down this same path. Not necessary. This is exactly the tool we and so many others can use to help people find and live freedom.

Where was I? I was having night terrors a few times a week, daily life was plagued with the affects of PTSD, and I was unable to go anywhere away from home without a panic attack, with the exception of church. I had not read my Bible since the day I walked away from my life as a Christian. Where am I now? I can finish a trip to the grocery store and be almost anywhere away from home without a panic attack. Feeling great enough to go 4 hours away from home on a vacation! I am back in the Word, each day feeling more alive. I am able to stand on the Truth regarding my life instead of believing what the facts might say. I’m learning to trust people again. Where am I going? I will become the spiritual leader of my household that my children need me to be, regardless of circumstances. I will share what I have learned and the difference it has made with those walking wounded who cross my path on the road I have been down. [Being part of this study] has not only changed my life but my children’s as well. I feel hope. My faith is growing and my trust is again with my faithful Lord. How do you thank someone for changing your life? On this side of heaven you will never know the full impact you’ve had in my world.

THIS CLASS CHANGED MY LIFE. I think differently. My faith in what God can do in ME and my marriage has changed. My hope is RESTORED. My vision for my household looks different. I feel different. I can go on and on about my changes. I COMMITTED MYSELF to finishing this class and have never finished anything in my life. I needed this more than you will ever know. I laughed…cried…kicked…and screamed but I have grown AND I’M FREE TO BE ME!

Before doing this study, I was literally laid down with guilt, disappointment, shame and condemnation. I was stuck. I felt like a pillar of salt, unable to move forward. Guilt and shame were a dark cloud that followed me and gradually turned into a deep depression. I prayed and went to church and Bible study, but still couldn’t get rid of the dark cloud. So when I signed up to do this study, I came asking God to do something. I no longer wanted the depression, condemnation, shame, and guilt. In the book, Nancy talked about transformation. That is what I desperately wanted every time I came to class. I no longer wanted to be the same person. I desperately wanted transformation, spiritually and physically. Through this study, the Lord slowly began working on me. It was when I heard another woman’s powerful testimony that I received my breakthrough. When I heard and saw that the Lord had turned her ashes into beauty (Isaiah 61:3), I told myself, “If He can do that for her, He can do that for me.” Now I am no longer that pillar of salt; instead, I can finally move forward to my destiny (delayed, but not forgotten). All I wanted to do was to go back to the place where I once was spiritually, but now I know that I am going to an even higher place than before. I have been DELIVERED and set free from depression. It is gone and has been replaced with JOY! Where I once could not see due to the guilt, shame, and condemnation that blinded me, I can now see with spiritual insight. The Lord has done a work in my life and has set me free in many areas! I have taken off the grave clothes that had been weighing me down!

This material along with Nancy’s videos are excellent. I am so pleased for the girls who are experiencing breakthroughs because they are applying truth to their lives. They are getting it. I am thrilled!

This study has been awesome. It was encouraging to hear the girls say they really felt they had learned life-changing principles that they would return to as situations arise.

Through this study and the mentors God has put in my life, I realized that I have let Satan tell me who I am, and he is a LIAR! I have learned that all through God’s Word there is truth; I just have to look for it. The devil still tries to tell me I am worthless, not good enough or that I come from evil, but God is telling me the truth. I am a treasured child of God (Galatians 3:26–29). God has great plans for my life and I am so excited to see what He has in store for my future. I know I have a lot of work left to do, but I am so thankful for the work God is doing in me. Thank you so much for this life changing journey.

I’ve always been interested in knowing and understanding the steps of Mercy. I truly believe this book and its wisdom will GREATLY help people to their freedom in Christ.

I am on the ninth week of the study, and I say with full confidence that I am walking in freedom as a new creation in Christ. Just like when a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years was healed when she touched Jesus’ clothes, I found freedom and healing when I pressed into Him. I know my walk is not perfect, but I am 100% committed to freedom with my eyes being fixed on Jesus.
Mutsumi (Singapore)

I believe that a study where everyone (no matter the stage of their life or how long they have walked with the Lord) can equally learn and be challenged and stretched to new spiritual levels is a testimony to its content and makes it evident that God has clearly had His hand on this project.

I found Keys To Freedom to be an outstanding Bible Study Guide. These tools are such a gift! I especially like how, after reading Bible scriptures, it asks, What do you think God is saying to you right now? What does He want you to know? Write down what He is saying. To me, that is such a powerful way to make me feel God is personally guiding me, loving me, comforting me…in a personal relationship with me. This method enhanced my personal connection with Jesus. When I was doing my studies, I felt I was sitting down with Jesus as He taught me what He wanted me to know about each of these keys. Each key is a powerful tool for dealing with life’s challenges and for healing the past. I really liked how it respected and used our feelings, putting them in the proper perspective. Very few Bible Studies do this. So often, we are taught to discount our feelings. Not so with this study. It was so lovingly presented. Thank you for this wonderful Keys to Freedom Study Guide. It did change my life.

I just finished reading this book, and I must say, this has helped me more than any counseling and any treatment I have ever had!!!! This book is such a blessing and I can’t wait to get more resources on it!

I am excited about this new study just released from Mercy Multiplied. I am a graduate from Mercy and therefore I am extremely passionate about this study. I lived and breathed the material presented in this study 24/7 for six months while living at a Mercy home. I am beyond ecstatic that Mercy has now released their curriculum in this format for all Christians to experience the same life transformation and true freedom in Christ that is just waiting for you to find! I can guarantee you this study will change your life!

God is using this study to change lives and it is so exciting to watch!

I devoured the book and could hardly pace myself to do the study in the time allotted. I wanted to hurry and get through it, because I was so excited about the freedom and feelings of acceptance I finally felt from God.

I have always maintained I was a ‘background person’ and gladly would let others lead while I worked in the background. I was more comfortable leading in my professional life than in my spiritual life. I have been told several times that I had the answers, but I always kept silent. Something clicked for me [in this study], and I left the scared little girl behind and accepted the path of the woman God created in me.

Older ladies, who felt like they had done all they were able to do, found freedom in the fact that God still has more for them.

One lady in the detention center where I’m leading the study had some severe charges hanging over her head. We’ve seen her countenance change right before our eyes as she has gone through the study. She is stepping into a leadership role in her pod despite her heavy charges!

[The group members] are all thankful that this study is written. They all want everyone they know to go through this!