Being A Safe Accountability Partner


Being A Safe Accountability Partner Accountability can be pivotal to an individual’s healing journey, but can also be detrimental if not carried out well. Join MercyTalk [...]

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Finding A Safe Accountability Partner


Finding A Safe Accountability Partner Accountability and mentoring are similar in many ways and can add to our lives in a powerful way. Join MercyTalk [...]

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God’s Abundant Grace


He gives it to us in a way that is far more abundant and delicious and beautiful than we deserve or need! Think of all the things on this earth that reflect God’s good and abundant grace: sunsets, good food, air conditioning, loved ones, your favorite movie… these things are all God’s grace.

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Pornography: What Now?


Pornography: What Now? So far this month our MercyTalk hosts, Melanie and Jen, along with special guest, Brooke, have discussed the overall impact that pornography [...]

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Pornography: Defined


Pornography: Defined Pornography is rampant in our culture and in our churches. Pornography has become an area that everyone needs to be educated about in [...]

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Identifying Shame


Identifying Shame Identifying the characteristics of shame is not only important in our own lives, it’s important in a helping relationship.  Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen [...]

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Becoming a Safe Person


Becoming a Safe Person Safe people tend to have healthier, godly relationships. Join MercyTalk hosts, Jen and Melanie, as they discuss how to become a [...]

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Why Do We Choose Unsafe People?


Why Do We Choose Unsafe People? We tend to gauge a person based on their outward appearance. Join MercyTalk hosts, Melanie and Jen, as they [...]

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Traits of Unsafe People


Traits of Unsafe People Sometimes identifying the unsafe people in our lives can be challenging. Join MercyTalk hosts, Melanie and Jen, as they discuss some [...]

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