God’s Abundant Grace


He gives it to us in a way that is far more abundant and delicious and beautiful than we deserve or need! Think of all the things on this earth that reflect God’s good and abundant grace: sunsets, good food, air conditioning, loved ones, your favorite movie… these things are all God’s grace.

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Choose Love


The Bible says that God IS Love. Often apart from Him we flounder, we struggle, and we lose hope. However, when we take on life [...]

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Three Things I’m Learning About Disappointment


Taking on disappointment is hard and holy work. It’s choosing long-term freedom over momentary wallowing. It’s choosing the unseen promises of God over the weight and throbbing of current circumstance. Hope is trying work, and sometimes we’ll grow weary. Don’t give up.

Three Things I’m Learning About Disappointment2018-12-04T10:41:51-05:00

10 Reflections on Relationships


Relationships are complex and often hard to navigate. As Christians we are called to be in community, but sometimes it’s difficult to decipher what that looks like. We are so thankful for the wisdom of beautiful Mercy graduate Catharine, who shares some of the lessons she’s learned about relationships in a season of relocation!

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