Sydney – 2017 Graduate


Sydney - 2017 Graduate Throughout my childhood, my parent’s relationship was emotionally abusive and controlling. As I grew up, we moved often because we didn’t have a lot. There was division and separation between my family, and life was always very [...]

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Megan – 2017 Graduate


Megan - 2017 Graduate When I was growing up, I lived in an abusive and unstable environment. I learned about Mercy Multiplied through my mom. She did a lot of research online when I was at a breaking point and needed [...]

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Presley – 2017 Graduate


Presley - 2017 Graduate I grew up with an alcoholic dad and a working mom. I felt very alone and didn’t spend a lot of time with my mom. My parents divorced, and my mom started dating my stepdad. I felt [...]

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Lydia – 2017 Graduate


Lydia - 2017 Graduate I was born into a Christ-centered family but was exposed to perversion and endured pain. I began taking on a lot of false responsibility and shame. This caused depression and a deep desire to take my own [...]

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Faith – 2017 Graduate


Faith - 2017 Graduate I was never taught how to cope with emotions or deal with conflict. This played a part in how I viewed authority and became defiant. I grew up in the church and was very sheltered from the [...]

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Kaitlyn – 2017 Graduate


Kaitlyn - 2017 Graduate When I was eight, my parents got divorced. I blamed myself and had a lot of shame. I put on a brave front and thought I had to be what others wanted me to be, when inside [...]

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Alexis – 2017 Graduate


Alexis - 2017 Graduate I grew up in an abusive environment. When I was five, I was raped by someone I should have been able to trust. In this, I was forced to grow up at an early age. This led [...]

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Ariana – 2017 Graduate


Ariana - 2017 Graduate I was born to two young parents. When I was very young, my biological mother left my dad and me. My stepmom came into my life when I was three years old and has treated me better [...]

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Kristal – 2017 Graduate


Kristal - 2017 Graduate My mom passed away when I was eight years old. The closest family member I had left was angry and became abusive. When I was nine, I was adopted. I began to rapidly go downhill. I started [...]

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Katelyn – 2017 Graduate


Katelyn - 2017 Graduate In third grade, I was molested. Then at fifteen years old, I was raped. I never told anyone what happened and turned to drinking and smoking to numb and suppress my emotions. At sixteen, I began a [...]

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