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Rebekah – 2014 Graduate

RebekahI grew up in a loving Christian home with an amazing family. At the age of eight I accepted Christ and had what seemed to be a solid realization of how much I was loved and accepted by God. But over time, the perception I had of myself, the people around me and the way I saw God became very distorted. At a young age, I was sexually abused by two extended family members and encountered sexual abuse and harassment by other people outside my family several more times. I believed the lie that I was only worth what could be taken from me or the pleasure someone could gain from me. I was ashamed. By age 11, I began skipping meals when my parents weren’t around. At age 13, I had full-blown anorexia. My parents found out and quickly sought to find answers and get me the help I needed.

I grew up in a town where one of the Mercy homes was located, so I had heard about the program that helped young women. Things were spiraling out of control for me, and I felt that I needed help quickly. When I called Mercy, I wasn’t just battling an eating disorder. I was wrapped up in pornography, suicidal thoughts and self-harm. I walked into the doors of Mercy hurting and angry at the world.

While at Mercy, I became desperate for God—more desperate than I had ever been before. I was desperate enough to lay aside my pride and allow Him to love me. I took off my mask of religion and said, “I can’t do this anymore without Your love.” How grateful I am that in that single moment of vulnerability, I was opened to the wooing character of God. He slowly and gently walked me through my strongholds and addictions and tore down the lies that held me captive. Through His truth and love, He safely led me from a prison built by shame and condemnation into freedom. Through Him, I was able to renounce my identity with the things of my past and be more than a victim. He willingly loved me through my anger and questions of who He was. He lovingly showed me that He was never the author of my pain but the author of my healing.

After Mercy, I plan on spending a lot of quality time with my family. I also look forward to getting involved in my church, primarily with the women’s prison ministry and the praise and worship team. My long-term dream is to become a pediatrician specializing in treating children with AIDS nationally and overseas. I would also love to marry an amazing Godly man and raise a family some day.

Because of Nancy Alcorn, the fantastic staff and the donors who provide for Mercy, I get to not only live life but also love life! With a newfound freedom and healthy perspective, I am reconnecting with my family, and that is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given. I thank you for providing the opportunity for me to have my hope restored and my life transformed. Thank you so much!