Before Mercy, I struggled with depression, sexual abuse, anxiety and addiction. I was drowning in darkness and despair. I believed that I would never find hope and peace in my life.

I heard about Mercy during a stay at a mental hospital, and I felt that God was urging me to apply, so I submitted my application during my hospital stay. I was desperate for help, and I knew that Mercy was my last hope for a change in my life.

While at Mercy, I confessed a certain addiction to my counselor, and she helped me take it to the Lord. I began to see a marked change in my thoughts and attitudes towards myself and others. I was less self-focused and more selfless, and I relied more completely on God than I did on my addiction.

God has freed me from the lie that I have no control over myself or my life, and He has shown me how to take authority over the lies of the enemy by speaking scripture out loud and commanding him to flee in Jesus’ name. I’ve learned how to listen to the Holy Spirit and to trust Him to lead me instead of following my feelings.

After Mercy, I plan to get a job and save as much money as I can before starting college to become a high school drama/English teacher.

To the donors, thank you so much for sowing into this life-changing ministry. Your generosity partnered with the Lord’s power has saved my life and the lives of countless others. Please continue to support this amazing organization and know that every dollar you give has an eternal impact on every girl that enters through these doors.