I grew up in a Christian, but unstable, environment. During my childhood, my mom had multiple marriages that ended in multiple divorces. Close family members struggled with addiction and were abusive to me and others. During school I dealt with some bullying, and the friends that I did have were emotionally unstable. School was pretty lonely until I hit high school. I got my first boyfriend, and I found a group of friends that were all atheists. Around that same time multiple guys sexually assaulted me. My mom got married again and we moved away. I was very lonely and depressed. I developed an eating disorder as a way to gain approval and a sense of control in my life. I also began self-harming as a way to numb the pain I felt.

I found out about Mercy through my mom. I was pretty hopeless when I arrived, and I made a decision that if Mercy didn’t work, then I would commit suicide upon returning home. I assumed God had already given me up on me.

My biggest turning points in the program were just finding out who God was and what He said about me. Never once in the time that I spent time with Him did He turn away or reject me. In turn my heart softened, and I was able to accept and understand His truths about who I am and how much He truly loves me unconditionally.

Through my time at Mercy, God has given me a new perspective on how much hope I really do have beyond the pain of the past. I’ve learned that I’m not just living life to live it miserable. I am created to love God and have a life more abundantly with Him! He has good plans for my life.

After graduating from Mercy I plan to go to college and study theology and apologetics.

If it were not for Mercy supporters, I never would have had a place to get help and experience unconditional love. I have truly found hope. This program literally helped save my life! It’s the biggest gift, not to mention the best gift, I’ve ever received!