Kristen – 2007 Graduate

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Kristen – 2007 Graduate

KristenI grew up in a great family. We were very close, attended church and loved God. In middle school, I became rebellious and started pushing away the people who loved me. I turned to drugs and alcohol and got into a lot of trouble. When I was 18, my parents took me to a secular rehabilitation facility, but when I left, I still felt like there was an aching hole in my heart. I heard about Mercy and decided to apply. I got accepted into the program, and just as I was getting ready to go, I found out I was pregnant.

When I arrived at Mercy, I was welcomed with love and acceptance. I was valued as a daughter of God. By surrendering to God, I found freedom. While going through the decision-making process, God put it on my heart that I should place my baby for adoption. When my daughter was born, I discovered what God’s love for me is really like. I knew there was nothing she could ever do or say to make me not love her. I loved her just because of who she was. That was what everyone at Mercy had told me about God’s love for me, and I finally understood it. Though it was hard to let go of her, God gave me His peace, and I knew He would never leave me and that He would give me strength.

After graduation, I embraced life and my family like never before. I am so blessed to be living my dream of studying fashion in New York City. I also remain close to my daughter and her adoptive family. I am full of hope for the future and am eager to share that hope with other hurting young women. Mercy provides a powerful and life-changing answer for the struggles young women face today. The answer is Jesus.

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