What People are Saying about MPower Workshops…

Based on a post workshop survey, 85% of nearly 150 respondents rated the Mpower Workshop as “Excellent” on a scale of 1 (“Not good at all”) to 5 (“Excellent”).

This material needs nothing added or changed in order to work in a male context. It’s great material and it is universal. It was such a pleasure to be here and it was so helpful! – Shawne

This was such a great source of information that kept God as the Ultimate Freedom Giver at the center of the entire training. I genuinely wish my entire board could go through this training. Also at the end about putting boundaries in place really made me do some soul searching of my own and know that I have to prioritize my well-being as much as those I’m working with. Thank you for the gift of this training. Truly such a blessing. – Emilee

Fantastic facilitators! You made the course go from “great” to “EXCELLENT”! – Yewande

I absolutely LOVED the workshop! I didn’t want it to end! So many Christians want to help but don’t know where to start. This workshop definitely empowered and gave us direction! It was so awesome to meet with so many who are on the same path and to be encouraged by each other. I think all of us left more equipped to do what the Lord is calling us to do. You all did a FANTASTIC job!!!! – Tarri

I feel equipped with information to continue to help others, but most importantly I now feel lifted of the burden of healing and understand that all healing is from Christ! – Richelle

This [workshop] is an incredible resource… As believers we are all called to be free and carry freedom to others. This really is a “basics” type of teaching that is absolutely transformational. This is the Gospel. Great! Love it! – Joanna

I am leaving the workshop feeling refreshed, encouraged, and ready to take this information to other people. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! – Anna

It exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t keep up when I was writing. I wanted to write down everything! – Kamela

I just wish more people that I know could have been here! – Anonymous

The information is organized but also Spirit-led. Love your hearts, the unity, covering everything in prayer, the passion in the leaders. For years, I have prayed about learning the [Mercy] model at a deeper level. I’m beyond honored to be part of this!    – Sundi Jo

The MPower Workshop was honestly great. I gained so much valuable information that is changing the way I do counseling now and how it will be done in our home someday. So grateful! – Lynsey

The content was wonderful, but the transformative power was palpable! – Scott

I will use every piece that I learned and take it back to our Board of Directors and volunteers to use! – Laura

These are amazing tools that everyone in the Church should be equipped with! – Jordan

The entire workshop was very well done, from the written curriculum to the speakers. What I liked the best was getting to hear and see the heart of Mercy Multiplied as lived out by their staff. Their relationship with the Lord and their commitment to listen and follow His heart was so apparent and explains the success of not only Mercy Multiplied, but the success of this training as well. – Susan

The “keys to freedom” is the breakthrough the world needs! – Elicia

Thank you for putting these workshops on! Essentially offering up your playbook and allowing others to come and see and hear what you do, how you do it, but more importantly, why you do it, is super cool. It’s the people that make the organization, and Mercy Multiplied’s people are awesome. You did a great job of sharing the heart of Mercy! – Daniel

I loved the approach and mindset behind the training. While it valued and incorporated core principles of counseling and the science of it, it was really all about guiding someone to a position where they can be healed by the Lord. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us as well as encouraging us! I have learned so much and haven’t been able to stop thinking about and telling others about all I learned. – Ivey

I was expecting lots of information but thank you for making it so personal for me! I feel lighter! – Kelly

I’m hoping that these truths can be brought to ALL people in the church. We all need them! – Shari

This experience was so encouraging. The biggest thing for me is that everyone in my life tells me I can’t do this ministry or shouldn’t do this, but being here at MPower lifted me up so much! – Emily

We flew a distance to come and it was completely worth it! – Vanessa

I already posted on my Facebook to friends that ANYONE in ministry should attend! – Rebecca

We want more! This training is saturated with the anointing! – Natalie

This was excellent training for lay counselors / helpers! I will use this to expand this type of deeper ministry in our church! – Anonymous