I had a small prayer this week asking God for a 4-leaf clover. And He answered and gave me the biggest one I’ve ever found.

I listened to this sermon a couple of months ago with this title by Steven Furtick, “What You Call Small”. It has been messing with my heart in the best way ever since.

David was the smallest of his brothers, but the one who killed Goliath and the one who became King.  A garden starts with a small seed and is watered and cultivated.

God just asks for mustard seed faith. Then God causes growth. And growth has to start somewhere.

Start Small

So, if you’ve never prayed before, it’s ok to start small.

Trust God’s no. It’s just a yes somewhere else.

Don’t belittle or talk negatively about your small prayer just because you see it as small. We do this in everyday relationships – we belittle a relationship, a request, or something we see potential in before it grows in order to guard ourselves – we try to downplay it so we don’t get our hopes up.

“Well, I have this dream – but I don’t know; it’s probably just a dumb idea.”

“I want to create this, but I don’t know. People probably won’t like it.”

Well, the truth is – we are small. Our every prayer, every dream, every desire is small in comparison to God’s greatest affection for you…but it’s not a “no-big-deal” prayer to God – it’s your heart. It’s your emotion. It’s your dream – it is small – but – it has to start somewhere, and with God, things grow. He wants your affection, too – He wants your hope to be put in Him.

Your smallest prayer may bring about the BIGGEST revelation…

God created the fields and the mountains. He builds masterpieces with greenery and flowers – how much more do you think He cares about the detailed small prayers of His son and daughter that He created?

He’s Listening

So, get detailed in your prayers! He’s there waiting for you to ask

But He won’t force Himself on you. If you don’t know Him, I promise you; He’s pursuing you – you just have to listen to His pursuit. He’s kind.

Ask Him to reveal Himself to you.

Ask Him for something small.

He’s listening. He’s always, always listening.

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