One of the most powerful weapons we have against the enemy is our words. No matter what the circumstances are in our lives, we ALWAYS have the choice to either speak life or death over our situation. When Satan tries to tell us lies, we have to fight back with the truth. Recently my pastor said, “When you believe the lie, you empower the liar.” Speaking truth over our lives is so important, because we do not want to give the devil a foothold in our lives. In this post, I want to highlight how to speak truth over your life!

Identify the lies

 Before you can start speaking the truth over yourself, you must identify the lies. At Mercy, we spend a lot of time talking about finding the root of the issue, but maybe you don’t even realize the lies you are believing. As you continue walking in your freedom journey with Christ, ask God to reveal those lies you have believed in your life. If you aren’t sure yet what lies you are specifically holding onto, start asking yourself some general questions to help you identify the lies. Sometimes a lie is as specific as “I don’t believe God will provide the finances I need for next week” or as broad as “I don’t believe that God is good.” Whatever that lie is that you are believing, identify it so you can combat it with truth!

 Know the truth

You can’t speak the truth over your situation if you don’t know the truth! Take time to dig into the Word and find out what God says. If you are struggling to trust God with your finances, find out what God says about your finances. “God will supply all your needs according to His riches.” (Phil. 4:19 NASB) If you are fighting self-deprecating thoughts like, “I am worthless”, dig into the Bible to see how God views all His creation. “Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Rom. 8:39 NIV) When you know the truth, it will set you free!

Write and memorize truth

 This step is key! When the enemy comes to attack you with lies, you want to be prepared. Now that you have found God’s truth, write it down somewhere you will have easy access to. Write your scripture verses on your mirror, keep notecards in your purse, or have them saved on your phone- do whatever you have to have these weapons constantly at your disposal. You may even want to pick one central idea from the verses and make it into a statement to memorize such as, “I will not be anxious about my finances, because God is my Provider.” At Mercy, we like to call these easily memorized sentences based off of scripture “truth statements.” When you write and memorize truth, you will be ready to combat lies whenever they come against you!

Speak your truth out loud

The words we declare over our lives are powerful! Something happens when words are audibly spoken. When God spoke, He literally created the universe! When you start to feel the enemy whisper lies get out your truth statements and scripture cards and SPEAK THEM OUT LOUD. Not only does speaking truth tell the enemy to back off, speaking truth is an act of faith. In fact, the best times to speak truth over your life is when you are struggling to believe it. In the middle of feeling anxious about finances, when you don’t see how God will provide, whip out your cards or recite your statement and speak God’s truth.

Repeat it until you believe it

 Aligning your heart with God’s truth is a daily process, but I promise you if you keep practicing this method you will start seeing changes in your life. Maybe the first time you are in your car talking out loud you will feel a little silly. You might not even be confident in what you are saying. As you grow in this discipline you will find that you are able to believe it a little more each time. Maybe you even find that the lies you once believed, or things people say don’t affect you as much as they used to. Remember, when you stop believing the lie and start believing the truth, you are taking away the power of the liar. As you overcome lies and speak God’s truth over your life, you start to walk in freedom in every area of your life!

Speaking truth is an incredibly powerful tool. When we choose to align our verbal words with God’s truth, our circumstances really do start to change! So, I want to encourage you this week to ask God to reveal the lies you have been believing and start agreeing with the truth instead. Maybe speaking out loud feels strange to you, or you struggle with really believing in your heart the things you know God has promised. Don’t give up! The more you speak and invite God to speak truth over your life, the more you will start to believe the truth and see manifestations of God’s faithfulness in every situation.