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Jessica – 2010 Graduate

JessI was sexually abused as a child and felt completely worthless. Secretly, I tried to cope with my pain by using self-harm. As I grew older, I began to numb myself with alcohol and became very depressed. I felt like my life was out of control. I was a hopeless mess when I heard about Mercy at my church. I wanted to know God personally and how He could heal my past, so I applied.

While at Mercy, I wrestled with God for a few months, but eventually I surrendered and put my trust, hope, and expectation in Him. Opening up my life to Him and allowing Him to walk me through every hurt was the most liberating experience for me. He met my need for unconditional love through the program and the staff. He has shown me that He values me and that I have purpose!

These days, five years after graduating from Mercy, you’ll find me working full time in retail and serving in my church’s youth ministry. I also travel across Australia and the U.S. working different Christian events, music festivals and conferences. I’ve been very blessed to meet and work alongside some amazing men and women of faith, who have influenced my journey in many ways. Life is beautiful, and I couldn’t be more grateful!