Kelly | Choosing Freedom | Mercy Multiplied
We welcome Kelly from our staff as she shares a personal post about the learning and accepting God’s grace. Thank you Kelly for your vulnerability and willingness to share about what God taught you in a season full of grace. We are grateful for your heart and wisdom.

God's Abundant GraceI have always loved wedding days. I love seeing a bride dressed up in white, fresh flower aroma filling the air, loved ones gathering, two people joining hearts and hands. Each aspect of a wedding day is such special blessings to see and witness. I think most of the time I experience about a three-day post-weddings period where all I can do is tear up, smile, laugh, and think about how good our Lord is for giving us the gifts of marriage and celebration. So, I guess it makes sense that when my own wedding came around, it sent me into a time of deep reflection and gratitude for the abundant grace God has kindly poured on me and my life. For weeks, I caught myself thinking of all the things He graciously gives me that I simply just don’t deserve. His grace is present each and every day, not just in the big areas of my life, but also in the smallest details.

I remember one of the first times God’s grace was presented to me on a small scale – my friend was actually asking me for grace. It was my college roommate, and everything in her life seemed to be piling up at once. She came in to our room one day and frantically said, “I’m so sorry our room is a mess. I just need a little grace – things are crazy right now, but I promise I’ll clean everything up later.” At the time, it was just a small inconvenience, so without another thought I said, “Yeah! That’s totally okay,” but looking back, I know I was given an incredible opportunity to reflect God’s love and grace that day. In the same way, God grants us merit and favor, I had the opportunity to do the same for my roommate. Undeserving and unearned, but granted because He is good and merciful and loving.

God's Abundant GraceA few months ago, I had another new exposure to God’s grace for me. I was out to dinner with my fiancé, Tim, and his former youth pastor. We were eating some good Mexican food, and as I went to put some chips and salsa in my mouth, the youth pastor looked up at us and said, “Guys! This is God’s grace. All good things on this earth are God’s grace.” I had never looked at food, yet alone anything, in that way. But it is true! God knows we need nutrition, but He gives it to us in a way that is far more abundant and delicious and beautiful than we deserve or need! Think of all the things on this earth that reflect God’s good and abundant grace: sunsets, good food, air conditioning, loved ones, your favorite movie… these things are all God’s grace.

The last and most unique way I’ve seen God’s grace was throughout the entirety of Tim’s and my recent engagement and wedding day. This season was unlike most people’s engagement seasons. It was one of the most joyfully challenging times of my life… The challenging times came as a result of us living in a broken world where there are unfortunately things that tear people apart. The joyful and good moments of this season were God’s grace… These were the moments where people offered to help us make a wedding happen when we didn’t think it’d be possible. The moment people reminded me healing is a process and everything is going to be okay someday. The moments people offered a shoulder to cry on, friends planned a surprise engagement party, and guests stood out in the pouring rain as the sky unfolded right as our wedding ceremony was supposed to start. The moment my groom stood before me, a broken sinner, and said “I do.” These are the moments of love, laughter, encouragement, and support that all pointed to and reflected God’s perfect and unconditional love He has for us on this earth. These things are ALL God’s abundant grace. Undeserving and unearned, but granted because He is good and merciful to each of His children.

God's Abundant GraceSo today and this week, I want to challenge you to look for ways God’s grace is present in your life. What ways has He extended His grace and favor upon your life, and how can you reflect God’s grace to someone else this week?

And lastly, I want to leave you with these two verses:

2 Corinthians 12: 9 – But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

John 1:16 – For from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.