Fundraising Options for Individuals2018-12-04T10:37:55-06:00

Fundraise For Individuals

  • Fundraising Parties: Invite your friends, family and members of your community over for dinner, coffee or dessert to learn about Mercy. We suggest you:
    • Use the talking points we provide you.
    • Show our DVD to introduce Mercy to your audience.
    • Pass out magazines and giving envelopes, and ask individuals to donate to our ministry.
    • State your goal clearly at the event.
  • Other Small Events: Plan a yard sale, bake sale, silent auction, car wash, sports tournament or other fun event, and donate the proceeds to Mercy.
  • “In Honor of” / “In Memory of” Gifts– Honor someone on a special occasion such as a birth, birthday, marriage, anniversary or holiday by giving to Mercy, or ask others to make a donation to Mercy in lieu of a gift. Or ask others to make a donation to Mercy in memory of your loved one in lieu of flowers.
  • Christmas Donations– Collect monetary donations or gift cards for our Christmas fund to help us make this Christmas special for all of our residents.
  • Baby Showers– Sponsor a baby shower for one of our pregnant residents and/or collect items and monetary donations to give to her. Contact us about our current needs for pregnant residents.
  • Matching Gifts– Multiply the impact of your giving through your employer. Many companies are willing to match the financial gifts given by their employees to charitable organizations.
  • Employer Foundations – Contact Rachel Bedenbaugh at (615) 831-6987 if you know of potential funding through your employer’s foundation.