Fundraising Parties

Invite your friends, family and members of your community over for dinner, coffee or dessert to learn about Mercy. We suggest that you:

  • Use the talking points we provide you.
  • Show our DVD to introduce Mercy to your audience.
  • Pass out magazines and giving envelopes, and ask individuals to donate to our ministry.
  • State your goal clearly at the event.

Other Small Events

Plan a yard sale, bake sale, silent auction, car wash, sports tournament or other fun event, and donate the proceeds to Mercy.

Honor/Memory Gifts

Honor someone on a special occasion such as a birth, birthday, marriage, anniversary or holiday by giving to Mercy, or ask others to make a donation to Mercy in lieu of a gift. Or ask others to make a donation to Mercy Multiplied in memory of your loved one in lieu of flowers.

Christmas Donations

Collect monetary donations or gift cards for our Christmas fund to help us make this Christmas special for all of our residents.

Baby Showers

Sponsor a baby shower for one of our pregnant residents and/or collect items and monetary donations to give to her. Contact us about our current needs for pregnant residents.

Matching Gifts

Multiply the impact of your giving through your employer. Many companies are willing to match the financial gifts given by their employees to charitable organizations.

Employer Foundations

Contact Rachel Bedenbaugh at (615) 831-6987 if you know of potential funding through your employer’s foundation.