The whole conference has touched me in some shape, form or fashion, but above all, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I gave a lot of things to Christ that were keeping me in bondage, and I feel new!

This is the most transforming event I have ever attended!

Thank you for everything! My life has completely changed and I have overcome/dealt with things I haven’t touched in 12+ years. This experience has helped me and given me tools to use. More than any counseling, medication and hospitalization has ever done! I can’t wait to help more people overcome their baggage!
Alekx (Chicago, IL)

It was amazing! I’ve been set free and transformed!
Claire (St. Louis, MO)

The Freedom Experience was a renewing of a true hope in Jesus and in life.
Michelle (New Albany, IN)

Such amazing truths and tools to live in freedom. Thank you thank you thank you for not compromising, for always looking to Jesus, and for taking a balanced approach to healing.

This conference was strengthening, enlightening, inspiring, encouraging and FREEING! Thank you Jesus, Nancy and your phenomenal staff!

My life has been enriched by Freedom Experience!
Shirley (Osakis, MN)

I have been changed by this experience. I took something out of each session! Thank you!

Love is obvious from ALL the staff and speakers and worship leaders. It was a beautiful atmosphere for God to uncover and show me things about myself I’d been trying to get to for years.

The Freedom Experience was outstanding. So powerful!

This was an amazing experience even for me, a Mercy grad! I still learned new things and worked through new struggles and found an even deeper level of freedom!

I wish I had gone to this conference when I was much younger. I feel like I would have had a different outlook on life before I made decisions I regret. But let me say I will certainly look at my part differently and make different decisions than I would have made.

This weekend was a total confirmation to what God has been doing in my life the last few years! I recommend The Freedom Experience to EVERYONE!

I saw things I thought I had worked through but saw it was only shoved in the background. I praise God He brought that to my attention. Now I have the tools to continue to work through it.

It’s so nice to have the keys to walk in freedom in practical ways. I’m excited to take these tools home to Virginia Beach, VA, and watch as God moves and lives are brought to freedom!

The conference was awesome. The speakers were awesome, knowledgeable. I tapped into some feelings I didn’t know were there. I feel awesome and renewed. So thankful and grateful I could attend.
Markial (Nashville, TN)

I am 40 years old and have been struggling since the age of 5. I only wish I would had known about Mercy Multiplied earlier. However, let me just say, you have moved me so much. I am starting today with the tools you’ve given me to make my life better, free!

For more years than I care to count, I was on this hamster wheel of self-sabotage, but I never recognized it for what it was. I also never knew why my story was on repeat…I applied Band-Aid after Band-Aid, but I never actually treated the wound. I never examined the roots! I went to counseling and dealt with things on the surface, but I still found myself floundering on so many levels, in so many areas of my life. Fast forward to why this Freedom Experience weekend made such an impact on my life. I feel like I finally have the answer to “why.” Why do I keep making the same mistakes? Why can’t I get it right? Why am I struggling with this? I not only know “why” I was broken, but I also know “how” to restore the brokenness…not just fix it. I am still very much under construction and have a long road ahead, but I know that God is not finished with me yet. With his grace and mercy, “Freedom IS possible!”

The authenticity and transparency of the speakers was what impacted me the most. I came with the intent to learn how to help others, and I was touched more than I have been at any other event.

The processing time was hugely important for me. I go to conferences often and forget most of what I learn, because it happens so fast. It was such a blessing to really soak in what God was speaking to me.

Through much heartache and disappointment, I have lost my love for people and…helping others. It was the encouragement and acceptance and love received here that has broken away some of my callousness and reminded me of who I am.

This experience was great! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful experience! I brought ladies from my small group but as a leader, God showed me things I still need to be freed from. Hallelujah!
Shaylla (Nashville, TN)

It was a GREAT experience. I love how REAL and vulnerable each of the speakers were. I think it provided a GREAT guide for me to continue my freedom experience on my own. This conference changed me. Without this conference, so many of my problems would not have come to surface. I now feel more able to accept the love of God. Thank you for changing my life. I feel inspired to walk in freedom.

I was amazed by how much my mindset was changed. LOVED it!
Kassidy (Indiana)

Practical keys for hope! Awesome teachers!

This was an awesome experience and meeting SUCH a need. I needed to hear that I have given Satan far too much room in my mind and now I have more practical tools for taking that ground back. I have the authority to stand up to him when he feeds the shame, fear and lies about my limitations. Thank you!
Elizabeth (Nashville, TN)

I loved it. It was amazing. This conference changed my life.
Leeann (North Carolina)

I have seen my old self, but now I see more of the new self.

I was so blessed by this conference! Although the drive was about 8 hours, it was well worth it! I cannot wait until the Freedom Experience goes nationwide. I plan on returning next year!

This was SUCH an amazing experience. I absolutely loved it; I wish it was like a 5-day conference so we could spend more time really digging into each key to freedom. Mercy Multiplied has truly saved my life.

Such a blessing to be here. God’s been working on my hurt to a deeper level. So grateful for the sweet presence of Jesus and quiet time. Perfectly what God intended for me this weekend.