Sinking beneath the weight of depression, anxiety, self-harm, and eating disorders, my heart gave into accusing voices and attempted suicide. Drugs and alcohol aided in my destruction, as well as men, who I let use me for their own pleasure. Life within me drained away, and desire no longer ebbed and flowed. All heart was lost.

Mercy began the journey to recover my heart. I began piecing together fragments that revealed God and His passionate pursuit of my heart. All along He has been tugging at my heart, awakening me, through the beauty that quickens my heart. This desire fueled my search for a sense of being truly alive. It led me right into His arms, where He holds my heart. His pursuit of my heart released my true beauty. My heart came alive and all its broken pieces held in the palm of His hands.

Through Mercy, I faced the past I’d tried to forget. Hand in hand we walked the path of forgiveness. The truth of His words sank deep into the hurting places of my heart and healed them. He took my burdens, clothed me in white, and made my feet to dance again. The bondage of my past has ended, and the time of hiding is over. A season of being with the Father begins.

To all the Mercy donors, thank you so much for allowing this journey to be possible for me and so many others. We are all grateful beyond words for this opportunity to find healing and life in Jesus!