My parents divorced when I was young, so I lived with my mom growing up. I would hang out with friends who weren’t the best influences on me, and I started trying drugs at the age of 14. I did not feel loved and important at home, so I began turning to men and drugs to fill the void. During that period, I was sexually abused. I began to feel completely empty and developed a drug and sex addiction to make myself feel better. I believed that no one could tell me anything, and I did what I wanted.

I started feeling a tug on my heart around age 19 as if I knew God had more planned for my life. I needed freedom, and I tried to commit suicide. After that, I tried to run away from my problems only to have a lot more problems added to my life. At the beginning of 2020, I reached out to find a bible study group to help me get closer to God. My bible study leader told me about Mercy Multiplied, so I applied. There were multiple times where I almost gave up and didn’t think it was worth it, but I stuck it out through the application process and dropped everything to come and get my life on track.

At first, I struggled a lot with authority and consistently wanted to go home. But God gave me the strength to stick it out. God has truly changed my heart and the way I view the world. Renewing my mind helped me change my attitude, and choosing to forgive helped me let go of resentment, bitterness, and anger that was trapped inside of me. Coming to Mercy, getting away from the world, and focusing on God and what He says about me has made such an impact on my life! I can finally look forward to each day and the future God has planned for me! He has shown me how worthy I am and the true meaning of life!

After Mercy, I plan on becoming a personal trainer and eventually have my own business to help women who struggle with getting healthy. I am open to anything God has planned for me, and I want Him to use me to speak life into others and spread His Word. I finally know I have a life worth living and I’m going to live it how God has intended it to be!

Thank you to the donors for all you do to help Mercy. Without donors, young women wouldn’t be able to get the true healing they need, and honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to either. It means the world to me that people make this place possible.