Five Ways To Implement The Word Into Your 2017

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Mercy staff Mickenzie brings 5 ways to create a new rhythm in 2017 by implementing the Word in your daily routine! The Word is a double edge sword and sweeter than honey! If you’ve set a goal to be more intentional with time with the Lord this year, be sure to read on! 

2017 has arrived! Perhaps you, like 41% of Americans, have made a resolution for the coming year. Do you want to work out more, or make more money, or spend more time with your children or deepen your relationship with the Lord this year?

Whatever you choose, it can sometimes be discouraging and potentially impossible to see your resolutions through without intention, prayer, and a plan! Less than 10% of people say they achieved their 2016 resolutions. That is why this year I encourage you to make a resolution to stop making resolutions and begin making prayerful goals for the year.

One of my goals for the year is to seek God with more intentionality. I heard a powerful message a few months ago, and one of the main points was that many of God’s children don’t live out the promises of God because we are not familiar with them. God began challenging me to get deeper into His Word.

Do you also want to grow in your knowledge of scripture? Getting into the Word, in my experience, can be a bit of a daunting task. Perhaps, like me, you’re not sure where to start!

Five Ways To Implement The Word Into 2017 | Choosing Freedom | mercymultipliedblog.com

Here are the ways you and I can implement The Word into our 2017:

  1. Utilize Your Commute

If you are anything like me, you spend between an hour and an hour and half in the car commuting each day. Late last year I began listening to the Daily Audio Bible Podcast. I listened intermittently, but this year have committed to listening every day. The host, Brian, reads a different version of the Bible every week while reading through the Bible in One Year! Each day you get a little Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. It’s a great use of 20-30 minutes and provides an amazing start to your day! What a win-win for your commute! Get the app for your phone or listen online!

  1. Bringing In Accountability

Accountability is KEY in any goal. We are way more likely to have follow-through when there is someone in our corner. Invite a friend or mentor into your goals this year! There are lots of ways to make this work!

  • Pick a bible study to walk through with a group of friends. There are so many amazing studies for groups and individuals! Mercy’s Ditch The Baggage Series is a great resource to both implement the Word into your day and find breakthrough in areas you’re stuck!
  • Set a time each week to get together with a friend or two to read the Word and have meaningful conversation.
  • Share your goals with a few friends, and keep each other accountable throughout the week with a group text.
  • If you’re a mom, schedule a weekly play date with another mom friend and dig into a short bible study, devotional or even just a passage, while your kids play.
  • Pick a verse with a group of friends to memorize each month! Rotate the person picking the verse. I did this a few years ago with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law, and it was a simple way to keep each other accountable to learning more of the Word!
  1. Set Your Alarm 30 Minutes Earlier…And Have A Plan!

In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there.” Mark 1: 35

Jesus models the discipline of waking up early to pursue time with the Father. While most of us know the benefits of waking up early, it is often difficult to execute when our alarm goes off. As someone who loves to hit the snooze button, I have implemented a few things into my routine that have helped me wake on the first sound of the alarm.

When setting my alarm at night, I create a plan for my morning. If I’m getting up early to get into the Word, I mentally plan what and where I am going to read. I have found that I cannot stay in my bed and do my daily devotional time. I also set out my coffee, slippers, and Bible the night before so that when I get up, I am all set to be successful!

Also, starting your morning speaking scripture over yourself is a great boost to help you pull off the covers and take on the day! Mercy has six months of Scriptural Declarations with a scripture a day to speak over yourself!

Having a plan has made ALL the difference in my ability to wake up in the morning. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Lastly, give yourself grace when you miss the mark! Creating a discipline is continuing to improve, despite what the day before looked like!

  1. Use Technology To Your Benefit!

Technology may have many flaws, but it offers a lot of benefits when we intentionally choose to use it for our advantage and good. Here are a few ways to use technology to grow your knowledge of scripture, get you more into the Word, and connect you with others doing the same!

  • Get the Bible on your phone or tablet!    

There are several FREE versions of the Bible that provide you multiple versions of the Bible for comparison, in-depth study into passages, and often include Bible reading plans! A few of my favorites are the Olive Tree Bible App and YouVersion.

  • Download a Devotional!

Finding a great devotional is so easy in the digital age! I have found several different FREE or inexpensive devotional plans that can be downloaded right to your phone or accessed through your browser. Here are a few of my favorites:

She Reads Truth

First5 by Proverbs 31

YouVersion – You can download a FREE 5 Day Devotional Written by Nancy Alcorn!

Do a little research and find your favorites!

  • Set A Reminder On Your Phone

This one is simple and easy! Set a reminder to go off at the same time everyday to help you reach your goal. It can be as simple as a reminder to pray for one minute, or read your Bible, or text a friend to keep each other accountable!

  1. Surround Yourself With Scripture!

Last but not least, find creative ways to literally surround yourself with scripture! If you run across a passage that speaks to you, write it down and tape it somewhere you’ll see it a few times a day! Place it above your bed, on your car dashboard, your bathroom mirror, above your stove, on your fridge.

Not sure what verses to start with? Check out Mercy’s Freedom Tool Who I Am In Christ, with 22 amazing truths about your identity in Christ and a corresponding verse!

These are not one-size-fits-all suggestions. Getting into the Word should not be looked at as something to check off your list. As your implement creative disciplines into your routine and dive into His Word, you will discover your Savior in FRESH and AMAZING ways!

I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds! If you want a little encouragement and tips to implement further vision into your year, check out our recent MercyTalk Podcast, Vision and the New Year.

Five Ways To Implement The Word Into Your 2017 | Choosing Freedom | mercymultipliedblog.com


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    marie January 13, 2017 at 9:44 pm - Reply

    I really enjoyed the tips to find prayer time. Been recently thinking I needed to read more.

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