5 Ways to Slow Down and Focus on God

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  • 5 Ways to Slow Down and Focus on God

Why do I cry out to God in the bad times more than praising Him in the good times? Why do I cling to my Bible on the days where hardship seems to cling to my heart? What will it take for me to focus on God when my life is going smoothly, so I don’t necessarily need to focus on God? Jesus died to give us life and to live it abundantly. That’s how I’ve felt lately. My life is better than it has been in three years. For the past two years I had to cling to God because I was in a season of depression, a season of doubt and a season of wandering. Now, I’m in a season of life, joy and peace.

I’m finally sitting on a mountain top after two years of climbing to get to the top. After months where I lost my grip, slipped on the edge or hid inside a cave for days at a time. I am proudly on the top sitting in the sunshine, overlooking the climb with relief that I’m finally free. I think to myself, thank you God that I made it. I can rest easy…

But sitting down to focus on God has seemed like more of a distant idea rather than a daily discipline. It has been a nice thought, but I rarely sit down to focus on what God is teaching me. I don’t feel such a strong desire because everything is going so smoothly right now. I’m not sure if you can relate, but I hope this helps you when you feel distant from God.

Tips to get in the Word:

  1. Mark a specific time on your calendar or planner. Treat God as a real human being you are meeting for coffee. You wouldn’t stand up a best friend for a coffee date to catch up, I hope! So, don’t stand God up once you commit an hour to Him.
  2. Find scripture you are excited to read; whether it is a study or an eye-catching book in the Bible. Feeling passionate about hearing from God is something truly forgotten. God has a lot to say to us, we just need to listen with intention.
  3. Find a favorite place. Since I have moved to a new city I have lost my favorite place to meet with God one-on-one. Typically, I love to get my favorite cup of coffee, a blanket and sit on my bed or couch. Feeling comfortable leads to focus (for me), for some of you that might make you fall right to sleep! But I will say that finding a primary place to go and spend time with God is crucial to your focus on what He has to say.
  4. Have someone to share what you learn with. It is always exciting for me to share what God is teaching me. I love hearing what others have to say or encouragement they might have to give when I share the scripture that stood out to me. Sharing with a friend creates connection and pushes you to really take in everything that you’re learning.
  5. Buy a Journal and write until your hand hurts. I can’t emphasize this step enough. Journaling has been my favorite thing ever since I accepted Jesus in my heart about 6 years ago. I counted the other day and I have about twelve journals (2 a year) filled with my thoughts, emotions, time with the Lord and seasons I have walked through. Not only does it help me process, but it is also fun to go back and look where I was a few years ago! Journaling to God has improved our relationship SO much. It’s my TOP advice for you to get closer to God. Trust me!

I hope you feel encouraged and I hope you find time to focus on God. He is WORTHY of our praise in all seasons. He just wants YOU and your heart. His pursuit is relentless, His love is endless, and His joy is everlasting.

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