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Ally Growing up in an average middle class family, no one ever suspected that I was being sex trafficked and sexually [...]


Jessica – 2012 Graduate


Jessica - 2012 Graduate I was born into a family that severely abused me emotionally, physically, and sexually. At a young [...]

Jessica – 2012 Graduate2018-12-04T10:44:18+00:00

Rebecca – 2001 Graduate


Rebecca - 2001 Graduate When I was four years old, a family member began sexually abusing me. He was into satanic [...]

Rebecca – 2001 Graduate2018-12-04T10:44:18+00:00

Michele – 2004


Michele - 2004 Graduate My childhood was a game of survival. I was physically, sexually and emotionally abused by an alcoholic [...]

Michele – 20042018-12-04T10:44:18+00:00

Hannah – 2011 Graduate


Hannah - 2011 Graduate When I was five years old, I was molested by a trusted family friend from our church. [...]

Hannah – 2011 Graduate2018-12-04T10:44:19+00:00

Rachel – 2007 Graduate


Rachel - 2007 Graduate I came to Mercy completely hopeless and numb. I thought my life was pointless and that the [...]

Rachel – 2007 Graduate2018-12-04T10:44:19+00:00

Lindsay – 2009 Graduate


Lindsay - 2009 Graduate I grew up in a Christian home with loving parents but at school I was an easy [...]

Lindsay – 2009 Graduate2018-12-04T10:44:19+00:00

Tara – 2008 Graduate


Tara - 2008 Graduate “In a few months, I expect to be speaking at your funeral.” The psychiatrist sitting in my [...]

Tara – 2008 Graduate2018-12-04T10:44:20+00:00

Kristin – 2010 Graduate


Kristin - 2010 Graduate I had unrealistic expectations placed on me at a very early age which led to perfectionism. I [...]

Kristin – 2010 Graduate2018-12-04T10:44:20+00:00

Carly – 2015 Graduate


Carly - 2015 Graduate I experienced a lot of verbal, physical and sexual abuse growing up, causing me to have a [...]

Carly – 2015 Graduate2018-12-04T10:44:52+00:00