Our Ambassador Program is a community outreach program developed to spread awareness about Mercy and to educate others on the life-controlling issues we deal with, including sexual abuse, eating disorders, addictions, and self-harm. Mercy graduates speak on behalf of our organization as Ambassadors, sharing their inspirational stories of hope and life transformation. When you invite a Mercy Ambassador, you’re allowing us to spread the mission of Mercy Multiplied at a grass-roots level, bringing hope and educational resources to communities far and wide.

Mercy Ambassadors are active advocates in their communities and speak in a variety of environments, including:

  • Small groups
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Benefits
  • Community events
  • Community clubs and organizations
  • Mercy events

If you would like to invite a Mercy Ambassador to speak to your local community group, or if you are a graduate of the Mercy program and would like to apply to become an Ambassador, please contact Sarah Vaughn at svaughn@mercymultiplied.com or (615) 831-6987.