Mercy Multiplied Residents Make Public Declarations of Faith

Mercy Multiplied Residents Make Public Declarations of FaithThis past week in the Sacramento home, we celebrated four residents as they took the next step in their faith through believer’s baptism. One of the residents that chose to get baptized is graduating this week from Mercy. Pastor Francis Anfuso, a frequent voice on K-Love Radio, volunteered his time to baptize them. “It’s more than symbolic, it’s transformative.” said Pastor Anfuso. “You will remember this day.”

Earlier in the week, residents learned about baptism from an Andy Stanley teaching titled, Going Public. At the end of the teaching, they were given the opportunity to decide if they wanted to be baptized. Pastor Anfuso met with each of the residents to ask why they wanted to be baptized and prayed over them. One of the residents, Naledi said, “I want to share the amount of joy I am experiencing right now.”

It was a remarkable day filled with joy and freedom. The day closed in prayer and gratefulness for God’s gift of new life. If you would like to learn more about baptism, click here for Andy Stanley’s teaching.