Mercy Celebrates May Graduates


Mercy Celebrates May Graduates

June 15, 2018

At Mercy Multiplied, we love seeing transformation in the lives of hurting young women. Thousands have experienced freedom in Christ through Mercy’s residential program. The young women highlighted below recently graduated and are now living new lives as daughters of the King. We hope their inspirational stories encourage you!


One by one, God has been answering the deepest questions of my heart. He has held me while I have wept and mourned the wounds of my soul and the years of fear and isolation. He has gently told me over and over that He loves me and He is pleased with me. Through the Spirit, I am learning to live without the heavy burden of trying to be perfect.

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While at Mercy, God has taken away the inner whirlwind of pent up emotions and replaced it with a peace that only comes from Him. He has shown me that in the midst of life’s storms He is bigger and able to take care of me as long as I trust Him.

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I was finally able to forgive my father for everything I had suffered. I learned that I am free and that I cannot be held down anymore from my past. My relationship with God has become close.

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I knew that I was only going to change by surrendering my life to my Savior and that’s exactly what ended up happening. I learned how to take my thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ, and how to speak scriptural truth over my life circumstances and hurts from the past. My life changed when I was able to walk into my darkness with Jesus as my lamp.

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The Lord showed me that He is steadfast. My whole life I let others take responsibility for me. I depended on others to fix things and be my “bandage,” covering my wounds, which was really unhealthy and one major reason why I came here. God sent me here to be alone with me and to learn that He is who I need to run to.

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During my time here, God has corrected me, disciplined me, loved me, shown me my worth and value and He has walked me through pains of my past. He has given me peace about many situations and truly revealed His character in everything.

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God enabled me to see that I am worth it, mistakes and imperfections and all. He helped me to tear down my mindsets of perfectionism, the need to punish myself and always thinking I was a failure, that I am not desirable to anyone and never will be because I am not beautiful enough, and helped me to eat and enjoy food and not be afraid of it and worry myself to death over it.

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God has taught me how to love myself, how to open up, and how to trust people. God has helped restore my relationships with my family that I had messed up. I have learned that I don’t have to be perfect; I just have to make progress. I have learned that I have a purpose and that my life has reason.

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God showed me that in order to choose life, as the Scripture had mentioned, I needed to take death off of the table. I began searching for ways to choose life daily. God met me in every single way.

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