Mercy Celebrates September Graduates


Mercy Celebrates September Graduates

October 12, 2017

At Mercy Multiplied, we love seeing graduates leave our residential homes with restored hope for their futures! Once trapped in life-controlling issues, they are now equipped to live transformed lives. The young women highlighted below are among the thousands who have experienced true freedom in Christ through the Mercy program. We hope you’re encouraged by their inspirational stories!

Alexis | 2017 Mercy Grad


God has not only revealed my true identity, but He has given me my voice back, which I hadn’t had in years. Mercy has taught me integrity, character, and grace—some of the most important tools for my journey ahead.

Click here to read Alexis’ story.

Sophia | 2017 Mercy Grad


While at Mercy, God restored my heart and freed me from fear, shame, and all the condemnation I lived in. I’ve learned that my past doesn’t define my future.

Click here to read Sophia’s story.

Kristal | 2017 Mercy Grad


A turning point in my Mercy journey was when I read a book about true beauty. I learned that the beauty is truly there. Also, that the love of my Holy Father and my parents is all I need, not a boy’s love.

Click here to read Kristal’s story.

Katelyn | 2017 Mercy Grad


God has broken down every wall, as well as every addiction and lie in my life. He completely transformed me and replaced years of guilt and shame with His peace and joy and love. I have dreams and goals again.

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Ariana | 2017 Mercy Grad


I learned that I don’t need any guy to make me feel worthy because I have God, myself, and my family to love me. God has shown me that I am worth a lot more than I thought, and I’m free from my past.

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Jessica | 2017 Mercy Grad


I learned to be still and listen to His voice. I learned to trust people again, and I saw that being myself was all I needed to be. I finally found my acceptance and my identity in God. My relationship with God grew into something I never knew was possible.

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Kelsey | 2017 Mercy Grad


God has given me my self-confidence back. I look at what I have gone through as a testimony. God has given me the strength to endure the toughest times. He has allowed me to forgive others and myself.

Click here to read Kelsey’s story.

Neidy | 2017 Mercy Grad


I learned that I can’t do life alone and I do have it in me to trust others. I believe He made me wonderfully; I learned to embrace the beauty of my femininity. God has proven His faithfulness countless times by constantly meeting me where I am and staying true to His Word. He really is perfect in all His ways.

Click here to read Neidy’s story.

Rebecca | 2017 Mercy Grad


A turning point for me during my Mercy journey was when I finally gave up everything and surrendered it all to God. I have fully changed my life for the better to be the person God has made me to be.

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