Mother, Daughter Speakers Impact Mercy Residents


Mother, Daughter Speakers Impact Mercy Residents

September 22, 2017

Jackie Alexander | Mercy Multiplied

Jackie Alexander addressing the Nashville Mercy staff and residents

On Monday, September 18th, the Nashville Mercy Multiplied staff and residents had the pleasure to hear from successful business woman and longtime Mercy supporter, Jackie Alexander.

Jackie shared her personal testimony about her journey with Christ and as a mother. She struggled being a single parent and had to work extremely hard to support her family. Jackie became a successful business woman in the field of building and real estate. However, she felt a hole in her heart, like something was missing, and she was tired of “doing life on her own.”

Jackie fully committed her life to Christ and has since been sharing God’s love with everyone around her, including her daughter Stacey. Stacey also spoke to staff and residents about her personal struggle with drug addiction.

As a young woman, Stacey went to Teen Challenge, a faith-based facility that helps individuals of all ages overcome life-controlling problems and addictions. She shared about her time in the program and her struggle to overcome her heroin addiction. She encouraged the residents to make the most of everyday while they’re in the Mercy program. Stacey explained she overcame her addiction by surrendering to the Lord and taking one day at a time.

Jackie also shared a miraculous story of her husband, Barry, surviving a motorcycle crash. She told how this experience was the turning point for Barry to commit his life to Christ. Barry and Jackie were co-chairs at the Merry Mercy Christmas Benefit in 2014.

Jackie wrapped up her time by reminding the staff and residents that God is love and Jesus is freedom. “The world can take everything else away but Jesus is always there,” Jackie said. “God will walk you through everything.”

At the end of Jackie’s presentation, the residents had the opportunity to ask Jackie and Stacey questions.

Here’s what some residents said about the experience:

I loved hearing Jackie and Stacey this morning. I got emotional listening to Stacey speak and seeing the real life and long-term effects of the road she had been heading down. God continued to make a way for her. It was really encouraging. –Mercy resident

Jackie had a great story, and it impacted me. Her daughter is a walking testimony of God’s love. I really enjoyed hearing this powerful story. –Mercy resident

This was exactly what I needed to hear. I have been praying so much and asking that I’d sink into God’s love and that I would really believe that He loves me. I’m grateful that Stacey came. –Mercy resident

This word was so good. It impacted me in such a way and really got into my heart. God is so gracious and so meaningful. –Mercy resident

Mercy Multiplied is grateful for Barry and Jackie Alexander for their continual support.