Mercy Celebrates August Graduates


Mercy Celebrates August Graduates

September 1, 2017

At Mercy Multiplied, we love seeing transformation in the lives of hurting young women. Thousands have experienced freedom in Christ through Mercy’s residential program. The young women highlighted below are our recent graduates, whose transformation and restored hope we’ve celebrated with a special graduation. We hope their inspirational stories encourage you!

Charity | 2017 Mercy Graduate


A turning point in my journey was when I was able to press into God more than I ever had before. I began to trust God and declare His truth over my life. God really started moving for me, and I could see myself as He saw me.

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Courtney | 2017 Mercy Graduate


God has done so much for me. He has shown me that He doesn’t judge me, that He doesn’t want to hurt me, and so much more. While at Mercy I have learned that my past does not define me or my future.

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DeAsia | 2017 Mercy Graduate


God has totally changed my outlook on life. I am more joyful and have so much more peace. I know who I am in Christ, and NOTHING or NO ONE can tell me different. I know that God speaks to me, and He loves me! He is the Father I never had and has amazing plans for my life.

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Jena | 2017 Mercy Graduate


I realized that through Christ, I have the power to change things in my family forever. Now I can pass on the truth of God’s Word, an example of a marriage rooted in His love, and an identity in Christ and Christ alone. I learned how to be a woman of integrity who loves others the way God wants me to and how to be a leader that chooses to walk in His truth daily.

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Lauren | 2017 Mercy Graduate


While at Mercy, I have learned to love others for who they are, receive love, and have self-worth. I have learned how important God is. God has given me many privileges in my life. He’s allowed me to have an amazing relationship with my family, heal from anxiety and depression, and have another chance at life.

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Sarah | 2017 Mercy Graduate


God has helped me overcome the pain of my birth story and the abuse and has restored my emotions. I overcame my insecurities, fears, negativity, shame, guilt, rejection, self-sabotage, unforgiveness, and abandonment issues. I began thinking more positively about myself.

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Emma | 2017 Mercy Graduate


God has helped me to build trust through friendships I built while at Mercy. He has also helped me rebuild a loving and personal relationship with Him where I feel secure in my purpose and calling. He has given me a new motivation for life and a passion for my future.

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