Mercy Celebrates July Graduates


Mercy Celebrates July Graduates

August 2, 2017

At Mercy Multiplied, we love seeing graduates leave our residential homes with restored hope for their futures! Once trapped in life-controlling issues, they are now equipped to live transformed lives. The young women highlighted below are among the thousands who have experienced true freedom in Christ through the Mercy program. We hope you’re encouraged by their inspirational stories!

Lovteisha | Mercy Multiplied


God has been so tangible during my walk at Mercy; He’s been with me every step of the way. I love Him so much for giving me multiple chances and loving me through every single situation.

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Kailey | Mercy Multiplied


God has given me joy and dreams and a whole new life. Not just a better version of the life I had, but a whole new life. I know I am not the same person; I feel the difference in my thoughts, heart, and actions. I have learned that, above everything, I love God and He is my shelter and strength, and that He loved me first.

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Bebe | Mercy Multiplied


While at Mercy, I worked through the hurts in my life that had happened when I was younger. I accepted love from family and friends and let God in on my problems, since He already knows them.

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Cyndi | Mercy Multiplied


God has healed my heart, restored my soul, and made me whole and complete. I have learned that I am a daughter of the Most High King, and I am worthy and lovable.

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Abby | Mercy Multiplied


While at Mercy, God completely turned my life around. I have learned many things, but the most important to me is learning who I am to Him. I am aiming to please an audience of One, and that is it. I no longer need to try to be perfect for others around me.

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Belle | Mercy Multiplied


God has changed my life completely. He took my death and traded it in for His life, my mourning for His gladness, and my shame for His freedom. I am completely transformed.

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Brittney - Mercy Multiplied


While at Mercy, chains have fallen off. God really showed me the power of prayer and the power of fully believing in Him.

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Autumn | Mercy Multiplied


God has completely restored the relationship between my grandma and I! I am now walking a new life, free of depression, sexual immorality, and shame! I now have an awesome relationship with my Heavenly Father!

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