Thirteen Mercy Residents Baptized


Thirteen Mercy Residents Baptized

July 13, 2017

Mercy resident celebrates with Pastor Anfuso and Fredrica Singletary during her baptism

Mercy resident (center) celebrates with Pastor Anfuso (left) and Fredrica Singletary (right) during her baptism

On Tuesday, July 11th, thirteen Mercy Multiplied residents declared their commitment to Christ and were baptized in Sacramento, California. Pastor Francis Anfuso from Rock of Roseville Church and Mercy’s Sacramento Program Director, Fredrica Singletary, baptized the residents.

“It was so powerful to feel and see me come alive. My fear of failing God is gone. He’s given me countless moments of grace and His mercy,” said a Mercy resident. “Looking at myself today in the mirror after my baptism, I didn’t recognize myself at all. It’s like I was a new, awakened me. I am excited for the future and life that I am about to walk in.”

The residents were baptized in the pool of Mercy Multiplied supporter and volunteer, Donna Guardino.

“Pastor Anfuso speaks at the home regularly, so we asked him to be a part of the ceremony,” said Singletary. “Donna is just an amazing supporter. We wanted to create a safe atmosphere for our residents to be baptized.”

Mercy residents praising God for her transformation

Mercy residents praising God for her transformation

Pastor Anfuso prayed over and affirmed each resident before they were baptized. “It was truly an amazing celebration!” said Singletary.

“Today was beautiful; the pretty blue water, the perfect temperature, beautiful words spoken by every girl, and the support from amazing staff,” said another Mercy resident. “I will always remember today as being symbolic of the transformation God has done in my life since being at Mercy.”

As the Mercy residents were baptized, the other residents encouraged them.

“It was awesome to be able to watch my sisters get baptized today,” said a Mercy resident. “It was so moving to see the girls get emotional, and it made me tear up a few times too. I really liked that there was an open invitation at the end as well and that two other girls took advantage of it. I am glad I got to be there to see them all die to their old selves and come out of the water made new.”

Mercy is grateful for Pastor Francis Anfuso, for pouring into our residents, and for Donna Guardino, for her commitment to serving. If you are interested in supporting Mercy, please click here.