Mercy Girls Attended Women’s Night at Jesus Culture


Mercy Girls Attended Women’s Night at Jesus Culture

July 11, 2017

Mercy Residents | Mercy Multiplied

Mercy residents at Women’s Night

On Sunday, July 9th, the Mercy residents attended a Women’s Night at Jesus Culture Sacramento. The inspirational night featured guest speaker Lisa Bevere, cofounder of Messenger International. Bevere shared a message about how women can empower each other. Singer/songwriter Kim Walker-Smith and the Jesus Culture band opened the event with prayer and worship.

Bevere spoke about how powerful women are and how God made women for many reasons. She described the strength that women have and discussed how women can walk in all that God has for them. Bevere warned the audience of the danger of comparison. She explained that comparison steals joy and stressed the importance to not compare one person’s journey to another.

Bevere shared personal stories about not allowing her fame to interfere with what God is doing in her life and not allowing pride to rise. She told the women in attendance to make a choice to either choose to be popular or choose to be influential.

Bevere encouraged women to stop the gossip, cattiness, jealousy, and comparison. Among other scripture, she referenced Galatians 5:19-21, “The acts of the flesh are obvious… I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.” 

Mercy Residents | Mercy Multiplied

Mercy residents received “Without Rival”

To end her message, Bevere explained that God wants women to bring forth His promises. She proclaimed women are created uniquely, are special, and should never settle for anything less than what God has planned.

The Mercy residents were truly inspired by Bevere’s words:

“Lisa Bevere was an amazing speaker! I loved her message about comparison. I’d much rather be influential than popular. Being popular is being common, but being influential is being powerful. I don’t like to have the spotlight on me, but I do like helping others. Luckily, I can deflect the credit to God! I plan to remember that I am unique and incomparable because God loves me uniquely!”

 “This message was so amazing and powerful. I loved how she explained what unique meant. I like how she addressed the four things we need to stay away from: classifying, comparing, self-commending, and compromising. I also really liked how she said we don’t have the power to take ourselves out of God’s plan. I plan to stop comparing, compromising, classifying, and start living out God’s purpose for my life by staying focused on God.”

 “Lisa Bevere was amazing. She was so inspirational and encouraging. I can’t wait to dive into this book. Where I’m from, women believe men should run everything and lead the church, but she made me think about that differently. This was truly exactly what I needed to hear! I plan to be a leader here, and back home, and study more about how God can use me to lead people to Him!”

 Mercy Multiplied is thankful for this event organized by Jesus Culture Sacramento, and the residents are thankful to have received a copy of Bevere’s new book “Without Rival.”