A Night at the Zoo with Jesus Culture Church


A Night at the Zoo with Jesus Culture Church

July 20, 2017

Mercy Multiplied

Mercy residents riding the carousel at the zoo

On Sunday, July 16th, Sacramento Mercy staff and residents attended “A Night at the Zoo.” Jesus Culture Sacramento organized the event at the Sacramento Zoo as part of their annual “Summer of Fun” for the church community.

Jesus Culture rented out the entire zoo. They provided a picnic dinner, games, and access to the zoo for those who attended.

The Sacramento Zoo has been a prominent place in the local community since 1927. The zoo celebrated its 90th birthday this year.

After the residents enjoyed dinner, they broke off into groups and explored the zoo. “I really enjoyed the zoo. It was an incredibly fun experience,” said a Mercy resident. “I really liked the lion exhibit. I had not realized how majestic they are, and it made me think of the verse in the Bible about how the lion and the lamb will lay together. You take two completely different animals and see the visual image of them at peace with each other, and it really puts into perspective God’s power on display.”

Mercy Multiplied

Jesus Culture Sacramento church service

The residents enjoyed the animals and were excited to share their favorite exhibits. Residents also had a great time riding the animal carousel together.

“I was really looking forward to going to the zoo today. My last experience at a zoo was horrible, so today was redemptive, and I created better memories. It was a great example of how God redeems the past,” said another Mercy resident. “I rode the carousel, took pictures, and saw so many animals! Experiences like this give me hope that I can create new memories and have healthy fun without added substances.”

Throughout the event, the residents and staff witnessed and marveled at the animal kingdom and the wonder of God’s creation.

“I absolutely loved the zoo. The zoo is a very comfortable place for me. I love giving people fun facts on the animals that I have learned about! I would love to visit again!” said another Mercy resident. “My dream is to study exotic animals and/or be a veterinarian at a zoo. I thank God for all the animals, and it brought me so much joy!”

Mercy Multiplied is thankful for this event organized by Jesus Culture Sacramento!