Mercy Celebrates May Graduates


Mercy Celebrates May Graduates

May 11, 2017

At Mercy Multiplied, we love seeing transformation in the lives of hurting young women. We celebrate their transformation and the restored hope for their futures with a graduation! Thousands of young women experience freedom in Christ through Mercy Multiplied. The young women highlighted below are our recent graduates. We hope their inspirational stories of transformation encourage you!

Shelly - 2017 Mercy Graduate


My journey at Mercy helped me to trust God. It helped me to allow Him to come alongside me. I was able to build safe relationships. Also, I learned to know how worthy I am, even through my mess.

Click here to read Shelly’s story.

Jenna - 2017 Mercy Graduate


God showed me it had everything to do with a personal relationship with Him. He taught me how important it is to depend on Him and trust in Him first, above all else.

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Laura - 2017 Mercy Graduate


God showed me that I am a new creation in Him. Jesus kindly walked me through this roller-coaster journey hand in hand.

Click here to read Laura’s story.

McKenna - 2017 Mercy Graduate


I learned that having needs was okay, that my existence wasn’t an inconvenience but a planned occurrence. I learned the difference between religion and relationship with Jesus and chose the latter.

Click here to read McKenna’s story.

Lisa - 2017 Mercy Graduate


Today, God is my loving, compassionate Father who never fails me, and since God doesn’t make any mistakes, I know that I am not a mistake.

Click here to read Lisa’s story.

Shannon - 2017 Mercy Graduate


During my time at Mercy, my Abba Father has shown me so much. He has shown me His love and patience toward me. The biggest thing I learned is to trust Him.

Click here to read Shannon’s story.

Taniyah - 2017 Mercy Graduate


While I was at Mercy, God broke my walls. I began to feel and relate through emotions, but learned not to be controlled by them.

Click here to read Taniyah’s story.

Brittany - 2017 Mercy Graduate


I have learned that by renewing my mind and choosing to think differently, amazing things happen with God’s help. When I choose to forgive and give grace, I also receive freedom.

Click here to read Brittany’s story.

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