Local Musician Facilitates Songwriting Night at Mercy Home


Local Musician Facilitates Songwriting Night at Mercy Home

March 10, 2017

Alexa Cruse

Singer-songwriter Alexa Cruse

As a part of its multi-dimensional approach designed to address the whole person – body, mind and spirit – Mercy Multiplied often invites guest speakers to teach the Mercy residents at its four U.S. homes. Singer-songwriter Alexa Cruse visits the Nashville home monthly to host a “songwriting night.” Alexa graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, where she studied songwriting. She offers her knowledge and talent by encouraging the Mercy residents to be creative and collaborate to create songs together. Alexa inspires the girls to write songs from the heart, aiming for passion over perfection.
Read our recent Q & A with Alexa below:

Can you share a little bit about yourself, passions and vocation?

I’m a Texas native raised by parents who are Grammy and Dove Award winning Christian artists and now pastors in Dallas. Music and ministry have been in my blood since the beginning. I came to Nashville where I studied songwriting at Belmont University.

Alexa and residents

Alexa (left) with the Nashville residents after performing their songs

 How did you first come to know about Mercy Multiplied?

I first heard about Mercy Multiplied through my aunt who adopted my twin cousins through Mercy many years ago. A couple of years ago, we were having dinner with Nancy, and she mentioned doing a songwriting night at the Nashville home. I always imagined I would help in some capacity. I had no idea I would be in charge of running it and organizing the songwriters monthly and sometimes bi-monthly! It’s one hundred percent my greatest joy and privilege.

What has God taught you through your experiences with the Mercy residents?

Every time I’m at the Mercy home I say, “We are not trying to write these beautifully polished hit songs. We are trying to create a space where you guys can be brave and use your voices.” While I believe that wholeheartedly, sometimes as a songwriter myself, I get so hyper-focused on writing perfect, well-polished melodies and lyrics that I forget about the heart and power of imperfection. These girls aren’t professional songwriters, or well-versed in perfect song formulas, but the way they pour themselves into their songs so wholeheartedly reminds me that the heart behind songs is always more valuable and important than the perfect composition of it.

Mercy residents

Mercy residents performing their finished product

What is the most rewarding part of working with the Mercy residents?

After the girls get done writing, we always have them share their songs. My favorite part is seeing them come alive as they share. The girls are all so supportive of each other and many times will cry, laugh, hug, and encourage each other after they share. It’s always a beautiful moment to see their faces full of pride, joy, bravery, and accomplishment!

Mercy is thankful for Alexa’s willingness to share her gift and passions with our Mercy residents. If you have a skill or talent you would like to share with our residents, please contact us for more information at volunteer@mercymultiplied.com! Learn more about volunteer opportunities by visiting our Volunteer page