Alcorn, Ramsey, Holcomb to Host Live Stream Launch of Keys to Freedom


Alcorn, Ramsey, Holcomb to Host Live Stream Launch of Keys to Freedom

February, 2, 2017

Mercy Multiplied announced this week the upcoming release of its new resource Keys to Freedom. A special live stream event will be held March 9th from 7:30 to 8:00 p.m. CST to celebrate the Keys to Freedom launch. Long-time Mercy supporter and money management expert Dave Ramsey will host the event. Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter Ellie Holcomb will provide musical entertainment. Mercy’s Founder and President, Nancy Alcorn, will share how Keys to Freedom is designed to equip all people with the seven keys to live free and stay free.

Anticipated as Mercy Multiplied’s most universal and transformational resource yet, Keys to Freedom offers the seven keys signature to Mercy’s success over the last three decades working with some of society’s most broken.

“…for more than thirty years, Mercy has worked with women, ages thirteen to twenty-eight, who struggle with the worst traumas someone can experience in life: self-harming habits, eating disorders, suicide, addictions, unplanned pregnancies, sexual abuse, violence, death of loved ones, and more,” writes Mercy Founder and President, Nancy Alcorn, in the introductory pages of Keys to Freedom. “These kinds of behaviors and their causes are more common than you might expect. Though, for many of us, they can seem extreme. However, by helping women find freedom in these ‘extreme’ situations and troubles, we believe we have discovered the Biblical pathway to freedom for everyone.”

The Keys to Freedom study is a part of Mercy’s transformational Freedom Series and a direct result of the organization’s expansion and broadening footprint as it multiplies Mercy outside of its residential homes through its outreach initiatives. “This study is our way of taking the keys to freedom, used within the four walls of our Mercy homes, and placing them into the hands of every person who wants to live free and stay free,” writes Alcorn. “We want to see more people able to navigate their lives from a place of freedom and wholeness, using the biblical tools of transformation made available by God through His Word.” 

Keys to Freedom is designed for men and women, whether new or established Christians, and can be used in individual, small group, and one-on-one settings. The seven keys covered include:

  • Hearing God’s voice
  • Committing and connecting to Christ
  • Renewing your mind
  • Healing life’s hurts
  • Choosing to forgive
  • Breaking generational patterns
  • Choosing freedom over oppression
  • Maintaining lifelong freedom

Mercy is encouraging the public to take part in the Keys to Freedom launch via Mercy’s Facebook Live broadcast and is offering 10 free copies of the study to those wanting to participate as a party host. Find full details at Mercy’s Event Listing.