The Chat with Priscilla feat. Nancy Alcorn, Mercy Grads Camillia and Francis


The Chat with Priscilla feat. Nancy Alcorn, Mercy Grads Camillia and Francis

December 1, 2016

“This is what I love so much about Mercy Multiplied, and why I wanted to introduce Nancy to all of you is because this is a program that works!” said Priscilla Shirer in a dynamic two-part interview on The Chat with Priscilla posted today on YouTube.com. “There are so many success stories – some of which we have right here in this room with us today – women whose lives are completely revolutionized by what you are doing!”

Part One of this episode featured Mercy’s Founder and President, Nancy Alcorn, speaking passionately about the Mercy Multiplied program and how God works through it to transform the lives of thousands of young women. Two Mercy graduates, Camillia and Francis, also share firsthand their stories of transformation.

At hearing Camillia’s painful story of enduring childhood abuse and then how Camillia struggled with her father’s suicide, Priscilla asked Camillia, “So, after you entered the [Mercy] program, how has your life changed?”

Camillia said she couldn’t really relate to her former self anymore. “I feel like I have the same body, but He [God] took out the person that was inside and put a new person inside. That’s really the only way that I can really describe it,” she said.

“Listen, you are a beautiful picture of what freedom looks like,” Priscilla said to Camillia to conclude Part One of the interview.

In Part Two, Priscilla focused on the story of Francis, a 2013 Mercy graduate. As a child, Francis was sex trafficked and turned to alcohol and self-harm to numb the pain. Francis found God’s unconditional love through the Mercy staff and was able to break free from the negative things that once controlled her life. She graduated from Mercy and multiplied the freedom she experienced through her work with inner-city kids at the St. Louis Dream Center. She also has aspirations to start her own nonprofit “safe haven” to help youth find their purpose in life.

Throughout the interview, Priscilla showcased Nancy’s book Ditch the Baggage, which offers the seven keys to freedom taught in the Mercy Multiplied residential program to anyone dealing with life-controlling issues. Priscilla also encouraged viewers to get involved and support Mercy’s mission and life-changing work.