Celebrating 11 Transformed Lives!


Celebrating 11 Transformed Lives!

December 22, 2016

Mercy Multiplied is celebrating 11 courageous young women who recently graduated from the Mercy program. Through hard work and God’s transforming power, each woman was able to break free from her life-controlling issues and destructive behaviors in order to find hope and purpose for her life. Read some of their amazing stories below.


Through my time at Mercy, God has really shown me that what happened to me in my past wasn’t Him, but that He is able to glorify Himself through it. I also learned what boundaries are and am eager to implement that into my relationships moving forward.

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At Mercy all my layers of walls were broken down. Now I’m free to love and be loved deeply. I learned to identify the lies I believed about myself and replace them with truths. I learned that God speaks directly to me, and I learned how to hear Him.

Click here to read Sarah’s story


God opened my heart to love and to truly receive love from others. He helped me to build relationships based on love. I’ve learned how to connect with my emotions and that they don’t rule me. I am in charge of how I feel. I know that God loves me, and He sees me. I am alive now and not just living.

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God has been and will continue to be with me and patient with me. Chains I didn’t think could be have been broken. I now know my identity and worth. I am worthy of love because I am a daughter of the King.

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The biggest turning point for me during my Mercy journey was when I addressed the spirit of death that had plagued me for so long. Through Mercy, God taught me all about forgiveness, love, restoration, and His character.

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Through my time at Mercy, God has restored relationship, and I have learned how to forgive myself and walk in freedom from disordered eating. I no longer carry resentment when asked to do something for someone because I have learned healthy boundaries in friendships and with family members.

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