Thunder School Students Visit Nashville Mercy Home


Thunder School Students Visit Nashville Mercy Home

October 26, 2016

We are so thankful for the many organizations and individuals who partner with Mercy Multiplied to share their talents with our residents. Recently students of the Thunder School Ministry Program came to perform and interact with our Nashville residents. The residents were deeply moved by the unique program Thunder School presented.


Thunder School Students leading worship with Nashville residents

Thunder School is a three-month creative arts and ministry equipping program in Nashville, TN, for students 18 and over. Thunder School has a special focus on preparing the hearts of those called to music, media, arts and missions.

During their frequent visits, Thunder School brings life and encouragement into the Nashville Home. During their last visit, 25 students came to spend the morning class session with Mercy residents.


Thunder School Student featuring an original worship song.

Maddie, a student at Thunder School, shared, “This visit was incredible! We worshiped with the residents, showed a skit, performed spoken word, gave testimonies, and had ministry time at the end! It was very fruitful and impactful! It is always a joy to see how God touches the hearts of the girls! We love MERCY MULTIPLIED!”

Our Nashville residents love the students of Thunder School just as much! They shared how the recent visit impacted them:


The spoken word “Don’t Forget to Remember” performance was very impactful for several residents.

“It was a great reminder to remember how much God loves me. The worships songs were so full of God’s power and love!” – Rachel

“I loved the spoken word! It was so amazing and inspirational!” – Kailey

“I really liked Thunder School’s visit. One of the girls who came told me that she thought I was like Esther – strong and beautiful. I needed it that day!” – Lillie

“It was a really cool experience. God really spoke to me through the spoken word!” – Ashleigh

“My favorite part was the skit about guarding your heart. It really spoke to me and confirmed things I’ve been learning during my time at Mercy.” – Corrin

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