Mercy Multiplied Celebrates Eight Transformed Lives in August


Mercy Multiplied Celebrates Eight Transformed Lives in August

September 6, 2016

Each young woman that chooses to apply to Mercy makes a courageous and important decision. We are honored to serve such amazing women destined to make an impact on the world! To reach graduation is an amazing accomplishment, and we are so excited to celebrate eight recent Mercy Multiplied Graduates! Read their stories below!


At Mercy, God revealed to me who He is and how His nature impacts my life. He has restored my sense of identity and broken my pride so that I can live in surrender and reliance on Him.

Click here to read Courtney’s story.


God definitely restored my hope. He restored the passion in my heart to be a mother. He gave me more faith and hope in myself to be the mother my daughter needs. I also have hope for my future in general and have a lot I want to do with my life now!

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When I walked into Mercy, I was hard-hearted, aggressive, and stubborn, but desperate for real change. My life really began to change when I realized that God was not mad at me and that I have authority to speak against the lies I heard all my life. That is what led my guilt to dissipate, my will to come alive, and my confidence in Christ to soar.

Click here to read Karen’s story.


Most of my big moments of breakthrough at Mercy were in the prayer room. One time I was lying on the floor crying, talking to God about my pain, and He responded simply to me,“ I love you.” It completely changed my view on myself. That completely changed my view on myself. 

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At Mercy, I discovered the truth about who I am. God has given me my identity back. He has cleared and renewed my mind of hundreds of lies. He released me from fear, shame, guilt, nightmares, eating disorder behaviors, and panic/anxiety attacks. He has given me purpose and a reason to live. 

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God has replaced my shame and guilt with peace. He tells me that I am always loved and cherished. I’ve that learned He is the only thing that will ever satisfy me. There is no life without Him. He is everything I will ever need.

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God has shown me my identity as his daughter, friend, and bride. He’s shown me that I can trust Him with anything, and that He’s ALWAYS been there for me, through everything. Jesus showed me that He pursues me relentlessly, and that He always embraces me with love and mercy, and there is nothing I can or can’t do to change that.

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Through my time at Mercy, God restored my hope and dreams. For so long, I had no dreams for my life, and I thought that how I was living was just how life was supposed to be.

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