Ellie Holcomb Shares Music, Encourages Nashville Mercy Residents


Ellie Holcomb Shares Music, Encourages Nashville Mercy Residents

August 23, 2016

Ellie Holcomb concert

Ellie Holcomb treating the Nashville Mercy residents to a private morning concert

Last Wednesday, Dove Award winning singer/songwriter Ellie Holcomb visited the Nashville Mercy home to share her music and offer the residents encouragement. She sang songs from her past and current albums, and even treated the residents to not-yet-released songs from her new album project.

This is the second visit Ellie has made to the Nashville Mercy home in the past year. She has also served as the featured worship leader at Mercy Multiplied’s Freedom Experience events held in Nashville, Tennessee last October and in Monroe, Louisiana last June.

Ellie signing autographs

Ellie signed autographs for the residents, including on Nicole’s guitar.

The residents enjoyed Ellie’s authenticity as she intertwined personal stories and struggles with the Biblical wisdom she weaves into each of her songs. Ellie reminded the residents that there is no shame in Christ and that God meets us in our deepest pain and brings healing. She encouraged the residents to seek the Lord’s Truth through His Word.

At the close of her time, Ellie invited the residents to sing and worship with her. The session then wrapped with a Q & A time in which the residents asked Ellie about her life and career.

Mercy residents with Ellie Holcomb

Nashville Mercy residents with Ellie Holcomb

Read what some of the residents had to say about their time spent with Ellie:

I was really impacted by the songs that Ellie Holcomb played for us this morning. It was powerful to see someone minister and worship like that, and I was really able to connect with God. – Jordan

I thought that she was so awesome! I really liked what a Godly woman she is. I want to be like that one day. – Shannon

 I loved this!  I hadn’t heard about her, but now, I know why everyone loves her. She is so wise and encouraging. – Julia

Nancy Alcorn and Ellie Holcomb

Mercy Multiplied Founder and President, Nancy Alcorn, with Ellie Holcomb

I really loved and needed to hear her song that she wrote for her friends suffering from depression. That has now become my prayer… “God come make me whole!!” – Sarah

I think this has been my favorite guest speaker that I have seen yet. She made a real point about her life when she said, “I sometimes forget the way, but when I hear His songs, I remember.” I find that I am most in tune with God when I sing and hear the music. It was so beautiful to be able to marvel in that aspect of worship. – Madison

Mercy is thankful for Ellie’s heart to share her gifts with our residents and for her passion to encourage anyone needing help to consider Mercy’s program. View the video below to hear about Mercy first-hand from Ellie!