St. Louis Residents Attend The Music Man at Muny


St. Louis Residents Attend The Music Man at Muny

July 20, 2016

Mercy Residents at The Music Man

Mercy residents outside the Muny in St. Louis

Last Monday, the St. Louis Mercy residents attended The Music Man at the Muny, the largest and oldest outdoor musical theater in the United States.

The Muny is currently in its 98th season and produces seven Broadway-style musicals each year. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of people have made attending these summer productions in Forest Park a St. Louis tradition.

When the St. Louis Mercy Home opened 10 years ago, the Muny was quick to offer residents tickets to their shows. St. Louis staff member, Liz Reidler said, “They donate tickets every year to non-profit businesses as one of their missions to make exceptional musical theatre accessible to everyone. We have been blessed to receive these tickets and provide them to our residents every year.”

Mercy at the Muny

Mercy staff and resident at the Muny in St. Louis

“I have long since admired the theatre, and attending shows at the Muny was an awesome experience that helped to give our minds a rest and fill our eyes and ears with excitement. It’s things like this that make us Mercy girls feel truly special in our community.” – Karen (St. Louis resident)

“The Muny is a St. Louis classic! I always look forward to sitting in the cool air of the evening and watching a great show. I participated in theatre in high school, so being able to watch professional actors just makes me happy, and I love that we get to attend.” –Taylor (St. Louis resident)

“I look forward to going to the Muny because it is a nice break and lets me escape into a ‘different world.’ Everyone involved in the musicals have amazing talent, and I am very thankful that we get to go.” – Tasha (St. Louis resident)

In addition to The Music Man, St. Louis Mercy residents have been given tickets to see Mamma Mia!, Fiddler on the Roof, and Aida later in the 2016 season. Mercy Multiplied is grateful for Muny’s enormous generosity!

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